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Trash collection on schedule; snowfall to date already a whole winter's worth

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This week’s refuse and recycling route schedules have not been affected by Wednesday’s snow event.

Although Able Disposal drivers had trouble entering alleys--and in some cases deployed pickup trucks to remove the trash for transfer to the big trucks--by day’s end the Chesterton Street Department had succeeded in clearing alleys, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune today.

“Able’s been going to great lengths to complete the job,” he said. “Obviously (using pickup trucks) was only a temporary thing.”

Schnadenberg noted that the towering snow banks at the entrances to many of the town’s alleys barred access to the large garbage trucks. Crews were pushing those snow banks back today, he said.

How Much Snow?

If it’s been your impression that this winter--besides being an extraordinarily cold one--has been snowier than usual, you’re right.

An average season’s snowfall in Duneland totals around 37 inches, Schnadenberg said.

This winter’s total, so far: 54 inches, with another month and a half to go.

“We’ll be hitting 60 inches before you know it,” Schnadenberg said. “Double the normal amount. And that means your winter budget is going to be double too.”






Posted 2/6/2014