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Town to observe Martin Luther King Day in 2021

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Beginning in 2021, Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be an official municipal holiday in the Town of Chesterton.

At its meeting Monday night, the Town Council voted unanimously--at the urging of Member Jim Ton, R-1st--to declare Martin Luther King Jr. Day a town holiday with paid time off for municipal employees.

“On Monday, Jan. 20, the United States of America celebrated the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” Ton said. “The reasons for this recognition are many and varied. On Monday the Town of Chesterton did not recognize this national holiday. The reasons for not doing so are few and far between.”

Ton accordingly asked members to vote to put the issue on their agenda for Monday’s meeting. They did so unanimously. They then voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance formally adding Martin Luther King Jr. Day to the list of municipal holidays.

“Let me be clear,” Ton added. “Our doing this is not a response to what other municipalities do or to create another day off for employees.”

Vacation Petition Rejected

In other business, and by unanimous votes, members rejected Brian Lewandowski’s petition for a waiver of the Town Standard requiring the installation of a sidewalk in front of all new construction.

Lewandowski is building a pair of duplexes at 903-05 and 911-13 South 22nd St. and had requested the waiver for both.

Staff, however, recommended against granting the waiver, for the reason that, in 2004, the council previously required the construction of a public sidewalk in front of a pair of duplexes in the 900 block of South 20th Street, just two blocks to the east.

Lewandowski took the rejection in good spirits and said that members would likely see him again in other matters.

Vacation Requested

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to hold a public hearing at their Feb. 24 meeting on Chris Stratton’s petition for the vacation of a platted but unimproved public right-of-way located to the north of his property at 1707 Tower St. in Crocker.

Stratton told the council that he’s discovered that approximately 90 percent of the barn on the property encroaches on the platted right-of-way, and that barn appears to be original to the house, built in 1935.



Posted 1/28/2020




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