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Town of Chesterton park land up for sale

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The Chesterton Park Board wants to sell a single lot formerly designated for development as a community park, located in the Dunewood Estates subdivision off 1100N just west of 11th Street.

The Chesterton Town Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed sale at its next meeting, Monday, Oct. 8.

At the council’s meeting on Monday, Town Attorney told Chuck Lukmann members that the Park Board has no use anymore for the property—Lot 5, at 1192 Woodland Drive—and would be happy to sell it, for a price of $25,000: the average of the two appraisals required under Indiana Code.

Seeking to purchase the lot are Adam Rick and Nicole Negowetti, who Lukmann told the Chesterton Tribune are interested in building on it.

Lukmann also told the Tribune that, under the language of the contract, the town is not representing the platted lot as being buildable and specifically precludes the proposed buyers from acquiring the lot on speculation or to re-sell it.



In other business, staff told the council that they would review Cynthia Needham’s petition for an amendment to an existing right-of-way agreement. Under that amendment, Needham would be able to build another house on that municipal right-of-way, located off 22nd Street and north of West Morgan Ave.

Right-of-way agreements enable property owners to build a road on an existing but unimproved municipal right-of-way, to facilitate their use of a piece of property. Such roads are not constructed fully to Town Code but they must be paved, 15 feet in width, and capable of supporting the weight of a fire engine, Schnadenberg said.

Oz Debrief

Meanwhile, Police Chief Dave Cincoski reported that this year’s Wizard of Oz Festival “went off without a hitch.”

“It was fairly quiet,” Cincoski added. “It was a very minor event, so far as the Police Department goes.”



Posted 9/25/2012