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Town Council to meet Monday 'Growing Kids' on agenda

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The Chesterton Town Council will meet at 7 p.m. Monday at the town hall.

At that meeting, the council is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the petition of Growing Kids Management Corporation (GKMC) for the vacation of platted easements on three parcels at the southwest corner of the intersection of 1100N and 11th Street, the proposed future home of Growing Kids, a learning center and child-care facility.

Those parcels were originally platted in 1984 as a planned unit development. But GKMC wants to start from scratch and treat the three parcels as a single parcel, necessitating the vacation of the current easements, which will then be withdrawn.

Members are also scheduled to approve an ordinance which would set the amortization schedule of the $1.5 million bond being issued to finance a raft of paving projects. The bond is expected to work this way: the Porter County Treasurerís Office will loan the town $1.5 million, at an interest rate of 2 percent over five years. Of the $1.5 million, around $500,000 will be used to re-pave roads in the tax increment financing district, which means that the Redevelopment Commission will pay for the jobs with TIF moneys. Chesterton property taxpayers will be on the hook for the balance of $1 million, which Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann has estimated will increase the liability of a $200,000 homestead by $32.45 over the bondsí five-year lifetime.

Redevelopment Commission

Earlier in the evening, at 6:30 p.m., the Redevelopment Commission will hold its regular monthly meeting, at which itís scheduled to call a public hearing on an amendment to the economic development plan for each of the townís three TIF districts.

That amendment would make the installation of fiber-optic infrastructure a TIF-eligible project.




Posted 6/20/2014