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Town Council to consider Urschel PUD at Tuesday meeting

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When the Chesterton Town Council meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, it will be considering an amendment to the planned unit development ordinance governing the Urschel Laboratories Inc. facility at Coffee Creek Center.

The Advisory Plan Commission has already--and unanimously--endorsed that amendment, at its May meeting.

At the moment, only Phase I of the Urschel project is on the table: its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility, on 75 acres in the extreme southeast quadrant of Coffee Creek Center. There are no plans right now for Phase II, which will encompass the remain 80 or so acres extending from the northern boundary of Phase I all the way north to Harrington Drive in Morgan’s Corner.

The amendment endorsed by the Plan Commission features only one new permitted use: “The use shall be for ‘Urschel Laboratories Inc. headquarters and manufacturing facility campus,’ along with ancillary uses and accessory structures for the production of size reduction equipment and related products.”

Basically, as Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann has said, the PUD “defines what Urschel does. And that is the use.”

The PUD governing the Third Addition of Coffee Creek Center has always provided for light manufacturing, since originally permitted years ago.

The amendment also includes a number of specific variances from the Zoning Ordinance, among them the following:

* Principal building structures may be 50 feet in height, in lieu of 35 feet.

* Accessory buildings may be 60 feet in height, in lieu of 16, and may be closer than 10 feet to the principal building.

* There may be two monument signs with a combined maximum surface area of 400 square feet, in lieu of one free-standing sign with a maximum gross surface area of 120 square feet.

The site will be accessed via two routes. The first will be an extended Gateway Blvd. via four-lane bridge which the company will build over Coffee Creek at its own expense. The extended Gateway Blvd. will be a public roadway as far east as a turn-around which the company will also build. But after a motorist exits the turn-around, he or she will be on a private roadway owned and maintained by Urschel.

A second entrance will be located off C.R. 200E, the easternmost limit of Coffee Creek Center.

Other Business on Tuesday

The council will hold a public hearing on the annual re-establishment of the Cumulative Capital Development fund, used solely for the acquisition of emergency vehicles.

The council will also hear two petitions for the vacation of a portion of public right-of-way: one from Eugene Engels, the other from Dan Shook.

Redevelopment Commission

Earlier in the evening, at 6:30 p.m., the Redevelopment Commission will hold its regular monthly meeting.




Posted 5/24/2013