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Town Council reestablishes Cumulative Capital Development Fund

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The Town of Chesterton’s Cumulative Capital Development fund has been re-established for another year.

At its meeting Monday night, the Town Council voted unanimously to re-establish the CCD fund at its current--and under Indiana Code maximum--property-tax rate: $0.04 per $100 of assessed valuation.

The CCD fund is used exclusively for the purchase of emergency vehicles for the Police and Fire departments.

At a public hearing which preceded the vote, no one spoke in favor of re-establishing CCD and no one in opposition to it.

Equipping the New CPD Squad Cars

In other business, members voted unanimously, at Police Chief Dave Cincoski’s recommendation, to award the contract for equipping this year’s acquisition of three new squad cars to the lowest responsive and responsible quoter, Emergency Vehicle Technologies of Mokena, Ill. EVT’s quote: $46,059.65, just a tad lower than the $46,098.11 quote submitted by Bartronics Inc. of Chesterton.

Associate Town Attorney Julie Paulson noted that Indiana Code does not permit “local preferences” in the awarding of municipal material-purchase contracts.

Banner Requests

Meanwhile, at Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg’s recommendation, members approved a request from the Duneland Chamber of Commerce to place banners promoting three Chamber events this year: Corkscrew & Brew, Party in the Park, and the Hometown Holiday Celebration.

The banners will be installed at ground level at two locations--at the intersection of North Calumet Road and Indian Boundary Road and on East Porter Ave.--two weeks in advance of each event.

Annexation Request

Members also voted unanimously to enter into a pre-annexation agreement with Pete Ballesteros, who resides in unincorporated Westchester Township, on the north side of East Porter Ave. immediately east of Sand Creek.

Annexation by the town was a condition of receiving sanitary sewer service from the Chesterton Utility, Ballesteros’ attorney, Greg Babcock, said.

The pre-annexation agreement is only the first step in the process, Babcock noted, and will be followed by the preparation of a fiscal plan.

LED Streetlights

Town Manager Bernie Doyle reported that, beginning on May 17, the Northern Indiana Public Service Company is scheduled to begin replacing 343 high-pressure sodium streetlights in town with LED lights.

The LEDs will burn much more efficiently and cheaply than the sodium streetlights, and their light is more nearly white, not the sick orange of the sodiums.



Posted 3/13/2018




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