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Town Council reappoints Doyle, department heads

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Town of Chesterton department heads did a “stellar job of fulfilling their job descriptions and obligations” in 2011.

So Member Jim Ton, R-1st, declared at Monday night’s meeting of the Town Council.

With that in mind, Ton moved to re-appoint all department heads and Town Manager Bernie Doyle for another year of service. Members then voted 3-0 to do so. President Nick Walding, R-3rd, and Member Sharon Darnell, D-4th, were not in attendance.

Workman’s Comp

In other business, members voted 3-0, at the recommendation of the Anton Insurance Agency, to switch carriers for its workman’s compensation insurance policy, for a savings this year of $18,039.

“We’re always looking for the most competitive coverage,” Jim Anton told the council.

Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann added that he has reviewed the new policy and found it acceptable.

Membership Dues

Members also voted 3-0 to pay department heads’ membership dues to the 32 professional associations to which they collectively belong, including the Indiana Fire Chiefs Association, the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, the Indiana Park and Recreation Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the Indiana Association of Floodplain and Stormwater Management, and the International Association of Building Officials.

Unused Vacation Time

Finally, members voted 3-0 to compensate six department heads for unused vacation time from 2011: Police Chief Dave Cincoski for 80 hours, Building Commissioner Dave Novak for 53.5 hours, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell for 33 hours; Fire Chief Mike Orlich for 56 hours; Utility Superintendent Rob Lovell for 48 hours; and Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg for 80 hours.

Under the Town of Chesterton Personnel Policy, a department head may be paid for up to 80 hours of unused vacation time.


Posted 1/10/2012