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Town Council OKs 30K for sidewalks

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg hasn’t yet put the finishing touches on this season’s list of paving projects.

But he knows which sidewalks he wants to replace.

At its meeting Monday night the Town Council voted unanimously to approve an expenditure of $30,000 in CEDIT funding to replace as many sections of sidewalk as the money will allow, from Schnadenberg’s prioritized list:

* Broadway at Fifth Street, approximately 60 feet east and west of Fifth Street. Also: remove the stone between curb and sidewalk and replace with concrete.

* West Porter Ave., north side from Second Street to Third Street.

* East Morgan Ave., south side from Jeffrey Street to Roosevelt Street.

* Jefferson Ave., north side, from just east of Second Street and east to the alley.

* Broadway, south side, east approximately 80 feet.

* East Indiana Ave., south side, from Landman Street to Jeffrey Street.

* Fourth Street, west side, from West Morgan Ave. south to Lincoln Ave.

* Third Street, west side, from West Porter Ave. to the alley.

* West Indiana Ave., north side, from Sixth Street to 15th Street.

It’s unlikely that the budgeted $30,000 will pay for anything like the whole of this list in 2018, in which case the Street Department will pick up next year where it leaves off this year, Schnadenberg said.

In addition, Schnadenberg told the council, $12,000 will be spent this year on the Street Department’s ongoing program of eliminating trip hazards, by grinding them down. He noted that the trip-hazard program is a highly cost-effective way of rehabilitating sidewalks without out-and-out replacing them.

Grinding will begin where it left off last year, in the Tamarack subdivision, then move into the Tanglewood subdivision, Schnadenberg said.

Crack Sealing

Members also voted unanimously to approve Schnadenberg’s request to spend $40,000 this year in Motor Vehicle Highway moneys on crack-sealing, a large increase over his original estimate of $18,000.

“We want to get more aggressive in preventive maintenance,” Schnadenberg said. “We’re going to do quite a bit more crack-sealing this year.”

On the list:

* West Porter Ave. from Eighth Street to 23rd Street.

* 1100N from Fifth Street west to Pearson Road.

* Indian Boundary Road from Ind. 49 east to just east of Sand Creek Drive North.

* Chestnut Blvd. from Fox Point Drive east to just past Partridge Way.

* 11th Street from 1100N south to 1050N.

* Babcock Road from 1050N north to the Prairie Duneland Trail.

* 23rd Street from 1100N to Washington Ave., then the northbound lane only to Wood Street.

* Union Ave. off 23rd Street to 22nd Street. Also: 22nd Street from Union Ave. to West Porter Ave.

* 18th Street north and south of Broadway.

* Brown Ave. from North Calumet Road to Third Street.

* Michigan Ave. from North Calumet Road to Third Street.

* Third Street from Brown Ave. to Wabash Ave.


Posted 4/24/2018




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