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Town Council okays three year sidewalk replacement program

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How many sidewalks can be replaced for $30,000?

Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg is going to find out this year.

At its meeting Monday night, the Town Council voted 4-0 to approve a three-year sidewalk replacement project. Member Sharon Darnell, D-4th, was not in attendance.

The list:

* West side of Fifth Street, from Union Ave. to Oakwood Drive.

* East side of Landman Street, from East Morgan Ave. south to the alley.

* West side of Chesterton Blvd., from West Indiana Ave. north to the alley.

* South Side of Westchester Ave., from Taft Street to Creita Street.

* East side of Wilson Street, from Bowser Ave. to East Porter Ave.

* East and west side of Fourth Street, from West Morgan Ave. north to the alley.

* East side of Fourth Street, from West Morgan Ave. south to the alley.

* West side of Fourth Street, from West Morgan Ave. to Lincoln Ave.

* East side of Third Street, from West Morgan Ave. north to the alley.

* West side of Third Street, from Lincoln Ave. south approximately 200 feet.

* East side of Third Street, from Lincoln Ave. south to West Porter Ave.

* North side of Lincoln Ave., from Fourth Street east approximately 100 feet.

* Fifth Street from West Indiana Ave. north to alley.

* South side of East Indiana Ave., from Landman Street to Jeffrey Street.

And a smaller list, of tripping hazards to be repaired immediately:

* North side of West Porter Ave., just east of Fifth Street, about three sections.

* North side of Lincoln Ave., just west of Second Street, about six sections.

* South side of Lincoln Ave., east of Third Street, about four sections.

* 600 block of Fox Point Drive, about six sections.

* 500 block of Bowser Ave., about four sections.

Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune after the meeting that he can’t say how much it will cost to complete the entire list but that the council has earmarked $30,000 to start chipping away at it this year, with the idea of finishing it sometime in 2016.

Which sidewalk is first on the list?

The west side of Fifth Street between Union Ave. and Oakwood Drive.

“We’re going to start at the top of the list and just work our way down,” Schnadenberg said.

Appointed to

Police Commission

In other business, members voted 4-0 to appoint former fire chief Mike Orlich to the open seat on the Police Commission vacated earlier this year by the resignation of Craig Stafford.

In fact two people applied for the appointment: Orlich and former CFD firefighter Bob Allison. At a special meeting earlier in the evening, members gave both Orlich and Allison three minutes each to make their case for the appointment.

Allison began, taking note of his 17 years with the CFD and his long association with the officers of the CPD. Orlich, for his part, said that he didn’t want to stop serving the Town of Chesterton just because he retired, after 31 years with the CFD.

Member Jeff Trout, R-2nd, spoke highly of both candidates and thanked Allison for applying, adding that the term to which Orlich was appointed will expire at the end of the year, and urging Allison to apply for other positions in municipal government.

Orlich “has proven to be a great asset as fire chief and building commissioner and I’m sure he will add value to the position” on the Police Commission, Trout said.

Public Hearing Set

on CCD Rate

Meanwhile, members voted 4-0 to hold a public hearing at their next meeting, June 23, on re-establishing the Cumulative Capital Development fund, at a dedicated property-tax rate of $0.04 per $100 of assessed valuation, the maximum rate possible for the Town of Chesterton.

The current CCD tax rate is also $0.04.

The CCD fund is used exclusively for the acquisition of emergency vehicles for the Police and Fire departments.

Public Hearing Set on Vacation

Members also voted 4-0 to hold a public hearing on June 23 on a petition to vacate easements on three parcels at the southwest corner of the intersection of 1100N and 11th Street, the proposed future home of Growing Kids, a learning center and child-care facility.

Attorney Todd Leeth, representing Growing Kids Management Corporation, told the council that those three parcels were originally plated in 1984 as a planned unit development. But his client wants to start from scratch and treat the three parcels as a single parcel, necessitating the vacation of the current easements, which will then be redrawn.


Posted 6/10/2014