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Town and Chamber reach agreement on fees for use of Thomas Park

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Chesterton Park Board member John Kroft announced Tuesday, during the board’s November meeting, that an agreement has been reached with the Duneland Chamber of Commerce regarding use of Thomas Park during European Market Days.

The Chamber of Commerce will charge five dollars per tent located within Chesterton’s downtown Thomas Centennial Park.

Funds will be used for costs incurred by the park department.

Veterans’ Day Event

in Thomas Park

The American Legion Post 170 will hold a flag ceremony on Monday, Nov. 11, honoring and thanking all veterans. There will be a donation box to collect clothing items, such as socks, sweaters, and hats, along with books and toiletries, which will then be taken to the Veterans Home in Lafayette, Indiana. Clothing and other items, not money donations are requested. A majority of the residents are over 60 years old, Board President Vincent Emanuelle noted.

The board agreed unanimously to waive all fees for use of Thomas Park for the event.

Old Park Office Mold Problem

Board member Jim Crawford inquired about the possibility of renting out the previous park board meeting room. The building has been closed and unused for two years. Board member Roy Flaherty, executive secretary Hillary Thomas-Peterson and Park Superintendent Bruce Mathias all agreed the mold problem makes renting the building impossible. Thomas-Peterson noted that she has had neighbors calling the Park Department complaining that it is an “eye sore”.

Renovating the building would be throwing “good money after bad” Flaherty said. Board President Emanuelle said that in the long term it would be better to take it down. Mathias said that it wouldn’t be hard to take down, but handling the debris would be an issue for the Park Department.

Flaherty said “We could install something there if we tore it down,” but, he joked, former Parks Superintendent Robert Waskom “poured that slab, so it might be eight feet deep.” Crawford suggested winterizing the building and shutting it down for the winter and Mathias agreed.

Thanks to Pat Walsh

The board took note of and will be sending a thank you letter for the donation by local resident Pat Walsh of a hydro seeder, estimated at $1,500 in value. The park will be able to use the hydro seeder for seeding, fertilizing and watering.

Superintendent Mathias reported that the park staff has completed:

*  Mowing of all units for the year.

*  Getting the leaf pick up unit ready, however the leaves have been too wet to pick up.

*  Clearing along the sides of the bike trail.

*  Preparing the Santa House for the upcoming holiday season.

*  Replacing the light on the south side of the Park Maintenance compound on the west side of 23rd St..

*  Mowing all ponds and removal of scrub trees where native plants will be sown.



Posted 11/6/2013




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