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TIF board ready to go out for bid on Gateway reconfiguration

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Chesterton Town Engineer Mark O’Dell has the greenlight to go out for bid for the Gateway Blvd. reconfiguration project.

At its meeting Monday night, the Redevelopment Commission voted unanimously to authorize O’Dell to advertise in time to open bids at its July 24 meeting.

Lawson Fisher Associates has been designing the reconfiguration and O’Dell reported that the plans are 95 percent completed. “They look good,” he said. “All we have to do is fine-tune the specs.”

The point of the reconfiguration: to remove the bottleneck--formed by the median islands--which pinches the four westbound lanes at the roadway’s mouth on Ind. 49 to two lanes just east of the Speedway, resulting in long stacks of traffic at rush hour.

The key features of the design:

* The traffic islands will be lopped roughly in half to create four full westbound lanes west of Matson Street.

* Motorists eastbound on Gateway Blvd. from Ind. 49 will no longer be able to enter the Speedway by turning left and crossing westbound Gateway Blvd. through the current cross-through between the two islands. Instead, they’ll be directed to Speedway’s road cut on Matson Street.

* Speedway’s road cut on westbound Gateway Blvd. will become right-in/right-out only.

* The Bob Evans and Hilton Garden Inn road cut on eastbound Gateway Blvd. will also become right-in/right-out only. Customers leaving both businesses will be directed to the intersection of Matson Street, where they’ll be able to turn left onto westbound Gateway Blvd.

* Motorists westbound on Gateway Blvd. will have a left turn-only lane allowing them to access Bob Evans and the Hilton Garden Inn.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the commission that he’s talked with all of the affected stakeholders--the Speedway, Bob Evans, the Hilton Garden Inn, Culver’s, and AJ’s Pizza--and that everyone’s on board with the reconfiguration.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is on board as well, Schnadenberg added. INDOT has indicated that it can’t remedy the stacking problem on Gateway Blvd. by adjusting the timing of the traffic signal, he said, “because it would have to be a two-minute green light” to clear the stacking.

Schnadenberg expects construction to begin in September, well after the Lake Erie Land Company has finished replacing the brick pavers in Coffee Creek Center with asphalt.


Posted 6/28/2017





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