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TIF board looking at box culvert to replace bridge

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The Chesterton Redevelopment Commission is looking at replacing the crumbling East Porter Ave. bridge over Sand Creek with a four-sided box culvert.

That’s the recommendation of the commission’s engineering consultant, DLZ, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported to the commission at its meeting Monday night.

Four-sided box culverts are typically easier to install than three-sided flat or arched culverts, O’Dell said. On the other hand, there’s not a great deal of price differential among the different kinds of culvert. Which means, he suggested, that the best idea, when speccing out the project, may be to list the four-sided model as the town’s preferred choice but give contractors the chance to make alternate bids on a three-sided one.

O’Dell guessed that it will take around three to four weeks to demolish and remove the old bridge and replace it with the 18-foot culvert. He didn’t, however, offer a great deal of hope that the project will be completed this year: three separate permits still need to be obtained for the project, from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

O’Dell estimated the cost of the project at $550,000, which doesn’t include the acquisition of any right-of-way which might be needed.

Gateway Blvd. Reconfiguration

In other business, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported that Lawson Fisher Associates continues to work on the design of a reconfigured Gateway Blvd. The point of the reconfiguration: to remove the bottleneck--formed by the median traffic islands--which pinches the four westbound lanes at the roadway’s mouth to two just east of the Speedway, resulting in long stacks of traffic at rush hour.

The key feature of the proposed design:

* The traffic islands would be lopped roughly in half to create four full westbound lanes west of Matson Street.

* Motorists eastbound on Gateway Blvd. would no longer be able to enter the Speedway by turning left and crossing westbound Gateway Blvd. by means of the current pass-through between the two islands. Instead, they would be directed to Speedway’s road cut on Matson Street.

* Speedway’s road cut on westbound Gateway Blvd. would be right-in/right-out only.

* The Bob Evans and Hilton Garden Inn road cut on eastbound Gateway Blvd. would be right-in/right-out only as well. Customers leaving both businesses would be directed to the intersection of Matson Street, where they would be able to turn left onto westbound Gateway Blvd.

* Motorists westbound on Gateway Blvd. would have a left-turn lane only lane allowing them access to the Bob Evans and Hilton Garden Inn.

Schnadenberg noted that meetings have been held with the stakeholders in the area--the Speedway, the Bob Evans, the Hilton, and AJ’s Pizza--and that everyone is on board with the plan.



Posted 3/30/2017




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