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TIF board continues to work through details of fiber optic project

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The ongoing construction of the Town of Chesterton’s fiber optic network was once again the main topic of discussion at the Redevelopment Commissioner’s meeting Monday night.

Members voted unanimously to solicit quotes for the retrofitting of an empty office at the municipal complex into a “meet-me room,” which will serve as the network’s computer nerve center.

At least three quotes must be solicited from vendors “known to do that kind of project,” Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann noted.

The room will have specialized temperature and heating/cooling specifications; will be separated from the rest of the municipal complex, with entrance only from a door which needs to be cut into the wall of the rear of the building; and must have holes for the fiber-optic conduits bored through the foundation.

Estimated cost of the meet-me room, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell said: $100,000.

Change Order No. 1

In other business, members voted unanimously to approve the first change order submitted by the contractor installing the network, CSU of Plainfield, Ind.

The changes are all related to the unexpected need to conduct boring operations--significantly more expensive than “plowing,” or trench-digging--at four work sites along the network. “These were four locations were we just didn’t have a choice,” O’Dell said.

The change order added $44,757.24 to the contract price of $1,233,673.91, bringing the new price up to $1,278,431.24, an increase of 3.6 percent.

NIPSCO Agreement

Members also voted unanimously to approve a contract with the Northern Indiana Public Service Company permitting CSU to use an electric pole to uplift the fiber-optic conduit over Coffee Creek at a location along Indian Boundary Road where boring is not authorized.

East Porter Ave.

Bridge Replacement Contract

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to award the contract for replacing the old bridge on East Porter Ave. over Sand Creek to Grimmer Construction Inc. of Highland for its lowest responsive and responsible bid of $619,370.20.

That amount is 7.9 percent higher than the original contractor engineer’s estimate of $574,143.29, O’Dell noted. A big part of the unexpectedly high cost is due to the expense of demolishing the old bridge, he said.

Seven other companies also submitted bids:

* $688,920.35, from Ellas Construction Company Inc.

* $705,466.50, from Ellas Construction Company LLC.

* $711,706.23, from Gough Inc.

* $747,500, from Gariup Construction Company Inc.

* $764,888.88, from Woodruff & Sons.

* $781,492.10, from Rieth-Riley Construction.

* $819,995, from G.E. Marshall Inc.

Half of the bridge replacement project’s cost will be funded through a 50/50 grant awarded the town last year through the State of Indiana’s Community Crossings infrastructure program.

Paving News

Another project which will be half-funded through the Community Crossings grant will be the re-paving of South Calumet Road between Porter Ave. and the Post Office. But as Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported to the commission on Monday, he’s begun having serious second-thoughts about that job’s specs.

Originally, Schnadenberg said, he’d thought to mill the roadway two inches, down to the old concrete undersurfance, then put down two inches of fresh asphalt. But he’s doubting now that two inches will be enough, given the severity of the winters in Duneland. So Schnadenberg is now planning to lay at least four inches of asphalt, on top of a synthetic fiber matting whose purpose is to prevent “reflective cracking,” that is, cracks in the concrete undersurface which ripple up through the asphalt.

Schnadenberg told the commission that he’d have more details at its next meeting, March 26.

In other paving news, Schnadenberg noted that he’s currently working on a five-year paving plan which will include Sidewalk Road between Ind. 49 and 200E; and Dickinson Road between East Porter Ave. and 1050N.


Posted 2/28/2018




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