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TIF board and contractor still disputing corridor claims

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Something like $50,000 in disputed claims submitted by the general contractor for the Ind. 49 utility corridor, LGS Plumbing Inc. of Crown Point, has prompted everybody to lawyer up.

At its organizational meeting on Friday, the Chesterton Redevelopment Commission voted 4-0 to authorize Town Attorney to consult--if needed--with an attorney specializing in construction law, Michael Drewry of the Indianapolis firm Drewry Simmons Vornehm.

Member Jeff Trout was not in attendance.

Lukmann, noting that he has consulted on prior occasions with Drewry, told the commission that he may not in the end need the authorization but that he wanted to be prepared, just in case.

Lukmann added that LGS Plumbing has retained an attorney of its own.

At issue: roughly $50,000 in claims, submitted by LGS Plumbing, which staff doesn’t believe the contractor is entitled to.

Those claims have been hanging fire since at least late August, when Mike Jabo of DLZ, the town’s contracted construction inspector, told the commission that LGS Plumbing initially submitted more than a dozen claims over which staff had large or small concerns. “We got them down to four,” Jabo said at the time.

At the moment change orders have increased the original project price of $2,880,865 by $75,296.84 or 2.6 percent, not a particularly great amount given the scope of the project.

Election of Officers

Earlier in the meeting, members voted 4-0 to elect Trout to the presidency, Member Nick Walding to the vice-presidency, and Member Paul Tharp to the secretariat.

Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela then administered the oath of office to the four members in attendance.

Under Indiana Code a redevelopment commission is legally obligated to meet on the first day in January which is neither a Saturday or Sunday nor otherwise a legal holiday, for the purpose of electing officers.



Posted 1/6/2015




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