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Tie: 401-401: Town Council to break election deadlock

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Nathan Cobbs didnít beat Scott McCord by one vote in the race for the 4th District seat on the Chesterton Town Council.

The Republican Cobbs didnít beat the Democrat McCord at all.

They tied: 401 to 401.

Just before deadline today, the Porter County Election Board certified five additional votes in Chestertonís only municipal race on Nov. 3: four of them provisional ballots, the fifth an e-mail vote submitted by a member of the military.

Two of those five votes went to Cobbs, three to McCord.

Under Indiana Code, the tie must now be broken, sometime before Dec. 31, by a vote of the Chesterton Town Council itself, that is, by the incumbents currently sitting on it: Jim Ton, R-1st; Lloyd Kittredge, R-2nd; Nick Walding, R-3rd; Sharon Darnell, D-4th; and Emerson DeLaney, R-5th.

In the event of yet another tie vote, Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela would cast the final deciding ballot.


Posted 11/13/2015




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