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Third round of repaving in Chesterton to start soon

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg is gearing up for a third round of roadwork.

As Schnadenberg reported at Monday night’s Town Council meeting, three projects are slated:

--West Indiana Ave. from South Calumet Road to South Fifth Street, a re-pave folded into the angled parking project, in which angled spaces will replace the parallel ones on the north side of West Indiana Ave. in the 100 and the 300 blocks. The parallel spaces in front of Westchester Public Library will be left as is.

--Sidewalk Road (1050N) from Kelle Drive to 200E, in Coffee Creek Center.

--And 200E from Sidewalk Road to Harrington Drive.

Meanwhile, Street Department crews have been installing ADA ramps along West Porter Ave. and replacing sidewalks elsewhere:

--Along South Second Street (about which Member Lloyd Kittredge, R-2nd, had good words: “Thanks to the Street Department for the great job on Second Street. I’ve had compliments about it.”)

--Along Landman Street and East Morgan Ave.

--Along East Indiana Ave. from Wilson Street to Landman Street.

CSX Agreement

In other business, members voted unanimously to re-up a rental agreement with the CSX railroad for use of its right-of-way in the area of Indian Boundary Road and North Calumet Road. The agreement, for an annual payment of $650, permits the town to maintain the landscaping of the sliver of land.

“It’s a nice entrance into the town and I’d hate to see it going to seed,” observed Member Jim Ton, R-1st.

Building Department

Building Commissioner Mark O’Dell reported that occupancy permits have been issued for the Chesterton Montessori School--under new ownership and at its new location in the former Methodist Activity Center (the former Bethlehem Lutheran Church), 135 Lincoln Ave.--following an inspection by himself and Fire Chief John Jarka. “The owner of the property was good to work with,” O’Dell said.

An occupancy permit was also issued to Radiant Studios Salon Suites and Spa, 851 Indian Boundary Road, again following an inspection. An ancillary business, Theta State Flotation, will operate a sensory deprivation tank there, when it opens later this summer, O’Dell said.

Finally, earth is being moved and graded at the Springdale planned unit development, located south of 1050N and immediately west of Abercrombie Woods, O’Dell said.

Splash Pad

Meanwhile, Park Superintendent Bruce Mathias reported that the splash pad is running very well, following repairs on its control vault.

“It’s great to see that splash pad busy again,” noted Member Nate Cobbs, R-4th.

“Oh, it’s busy,” Mathias said.

RR Quiet Zone

Ton took a moment at the end of the meeting to announce that proposals, in response to the request for proposals for a feasibility study of a railroad quiet zone in the Downtown, are due Aug. 26.

“So we’ll see what we get,” Ton said. “There has been interest.”


Posted 8/14/2019




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