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Taj eatery back in business on Roberts Road asks council for temporary sign

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A lot of folks in Duneland are delighted that the Taj Indian Bistro--at 418 Roberts Road, east of Ind. 49 and south of Indian Boundary Road--has re-opened its doors under new management.

But the new owners still have the same problem the old ones did: the new Franciscan Alliance ER department on Indian Boundary Road blocks a view of the Taj.

So the owners asked the Town Council at its meeting Monday night whether--for three months only--they might erect a directional sign on municipal right-of-way at the intersection of Indian Boundary Road and Roberts Road, to give patrons a better indication of where the restaurant is.

Members agreed that so long as the sign is temporary, they have no objections. “If they are trying to re-start a business that was there, I think we should encourage it,” said Member Jim Ton, R-1st.

The sign would be the same size as one erected at the site by the previous owner. About that previous sign, Building Commissioner Dave Novak noted, “Nobody ever complained about it.”

Members advised the owners to consult with Novak about the proper placement.

Asphalt Bids Rejected

In other business, and on Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg’s recommendation, members voted 5-0 to reject the two asphalt bids opened at their last meeting and to release the bid bonds.

The reason: there’s an apples-to-apples issues, Schnadenberg said, in which Rieth-Riley Construction Company was the low bidder for surface, intermediate, and base; but Walsh & Kelly was the low bidder for tack coat and surface milling.

“So it depends on how much tack coat and milling we need to do,” Schnadenberg said.

The asphalt specs will be modified and re-advertised, with opening at the council’s May 13 meeting.

Petition for the Vacation

of a Right-of-Way

Meanwhile, members voted 5-0 to schedule a public hearing at their next meeting, April 22, on the petition of Dale and Caroline Kaiser of 327 S. 19th St. and Mark Moldenhauer of 403 S. 19th St. for the vacation of an unimproved right-of-way between their properties.

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported that there is in fact a 16-inch storm sewer in the right-of-way and that a 15-foot easement on either side of it would have to be part of any vacation. No building would be permitted on that easement.

Caroline Kaiser told the council that they have been maintaining the unimproved right-of-way for 20 years and that she would like to have a bit more space in her yard--including the erection of a fence--for gardening.


Posted 4/9/2013