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Stormwater Utility ends 2017 in the black

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The Chesterton Stormwater Utility ended 2017 in the black.

At the Stormwater Management Board’s meeting Monday night, Superintendent Mark O’Dell reported a surplus of $76,804, due chiefly to the fact that Stormwater Engineer Chris Nesper resigned his position in June. At year’s end the Stormwater Utility had spent $71,522 less in wages, pensions, and benefits than it had budgeted.

Total revenues in 2017 were $519,531, compared to the $519,300 which O’Dell originally budgeted.

Total expenses in 2017 were $422,059, compared to the $498,863 which O’Dell budgeted.

O’Dell did say that the Stormwater Utility will be making a couple of major purchases in 2018: a backhoe which the board has already approved, at a cost of $95,000; and a video camera for sewer inspections, whose cost O’Dell ballparked at $15,000.

For the record, in December the Stormwater Utility ran a surplus of $12,927.

South Shore Poster

In other business, MS4 Operator Jennifer Gadzala unveiled a small version of the new South Shore poster promoting “Clean and Clear” water in the region, a public education and outreach initiative of the Northwest Stormwater Advisory Group (NWISAG).

The poster--the work of artist Mitch Markovitz--depicts a winding river traversing multiple land uses on its way to Lake Michigan. The point: pollutants which end up in runoff ultimately end up in our drinking water, making stormwater management a crucial part of Hoosiers’ quality of life.

The Town of Chesterton contributed $300 to the production of the poster, Gadzala said, which entitles the Stormwater Utility to use the image in any of its outreach and education publications.

Election of Officers

By unanimous votes, members elected Tom Kopko to the presidency and Paul Stofko to the vice-presidency.




Posted 1/17/2017





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