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Stormwater board may have open seat

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It seems likely that an opening is about to occur on the Chesterton Stormwater Management Board.

At the board’s meeting Monday night, President Thomas Kopko announced that it is his understanding that Member Christine Livingston has moved out of the county. Municipal board members must be residents of the incorporated Town of Chesterton.

Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson said that he will attempt to obtain a letter from Livingston clarifying her residency or otherwise resigning her seat.

That letter will then be forwarded to the Town Council for action.

Val’s Lift Station

In other business, Associate Town Engineer Chris Nester announced that the pump and controls for the stormwater lift station to be installed in the alley behind Val’s PizzaÑjust west of 11th Street and south of BroadwayÑshould be delivered next week.

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell is hopeful that the lift station will go into the ground sometime in the next three weeks but the schedule is partly dependent on NIPSCO’s getting on site to connect the electrical.

O’Dell, working with low bidder Woodruff & Sons, has shaved the original contract price of $205,888 down to around $178,000 but that’s still considerably more than the original estimate of $125,000.

The alley behind Val’s is the lowest point in town and tends to flood during heavy rains. When completed, the lift station will pump runoff to a large stormwater sewer line on Lincoln Ave., about 1,100 feet to the south.

The project is being funded with the proceeds of an $880,000 bond issued late in 2011.

11th Street Lift Station

In related business, members voted 2-0 to approve a contract with Lawson-Fisher Associates, in the amount of $10,985, to design a similar stormwater lift station for a flood-prone alley in the area of 11th Street and West Porter Ave.

O’Dell had hoped a gravity line would solve the problem but a review of the infrastructure indicated that such a line would probably back up at the Lincoln Ave. storm sewer.

This projectÑwith an original estimated cost of $125,000, like the Val’s projectÑis also being funded through the $880,000 bond issue.

Taylor Street

Another project in the early stages yetÑalso on the bond listÑis the repair of a failed culvert, about 18 feet under the ground, which runs across Taylor Street.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg said that this culvert drains everything north of town.

Under the bid specs, the contractor may only close half of Taylor Street at a time, to permit the residents of the Deer Run Apartment to access their homes.

The apartment residents have been notified of the project.

Meeting Time Changed

Meanwhile, members voted 2-0 to change the regular time of the Stormwater Management Board’s monthly meeting on the third Monday: to 6:30 p.m., from 6:15 p.m.

March in Review

In March the Stormwater Utility ran a deficit of $13,647 and in the year-to-date is running a surplus of $2,152.



Posted 4/16/2013