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Springdale PUD developer to seek replat

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A month ago, at the Chesterton Advisory Plan Commissionís September meeting, Ed Recktenwall, land development manager of Olthof Homes LLC, told planners that a mistake made by Olthof in calculating the lot coverage of 22 paired patio homes in the Springdale planned unit development made them, under the Zoning Ordinance, unbuildable.

So he asked planners at the time to amend the PUD ordinance to increase the impervious surface of those 22 duplexes from the 46 to 51 percent already permitted under that ordinance, to as much as 55 percent.

Planners were taken aback, not least because the PUD ordinance as previously approved granted Olthof much greater lot coverage than the maximum allowed by the Zoning Ordinance: 30 percent (40 percent for corner lots).

Planners were also taken aback, because the Springdale PUD is being built on a historically wet piece of ground, as Olthof is well aware, given the months the developer spent de-watering the site last year as it was installing infrastructure.

In any case, planners gave Recktenwall no particular reason to think last month that they would be amenable to amending the PUD ordinance. So they were probably pleased to hear from Recktenwall at their meeting Thursday evening, when he told them that Olthof would appear before the Plan Commission at its meeting in November to seek a re-plat of the paired patio homes in question.

Recktenwall, accordingly, formally rescinded the request for the PUD amendment.


Posted 10/19/2020




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