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South Calumet Road repave is complete, another gas leak on North Calumet Road

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A week after work began on the re-paving of South Calumet Road, the job was completed at 6:45 p.m. Monday.

So Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported at Monday night’s meeting of the Town Council.

In truth it was a difficult job, requiring the milling of approximately four inches of old asphalt--right down to the concrete sub-surface, the remnant of Old Ind. 49--and then the pouring, in three coats, of four new inches.

The estimated cost of the project: $160,000, less a Community Crossings state infrastructure grant of $40,194.99, for a total price tag of around $116,000.

Gas Leak

In other business, Schnadenberg apprised members of another natural-gas leak on North Calumet Road on Monday, the fifth or sixth this year. Earlier leaks occurred near George’s Gyros, he said, while Monday’s was pinpointed to a location north of there.

North Calumet Road was closed between Brown Ave. and River Ave. until early this morning, while a NIPSCO crew was making repairs.

“I’m hopeful that NIPSCO is planning to replace that main soon,” Schnadenberg said.

Member Jim Ton, R-5th, noting that North Calumet Road has been plagued the last few years by all sorts of infrastructure failures, including multiple sanitary sewer collapses, asked Schnadenberg what the problem is.

“The infrastructure there is just really old,” Schnadenberg said.

Trip Hazard Program

Meanwhile, Schnadenberg reported that this year’s trip hazard program has been completed, with 300 separate trip hazards ground down, at a cost of $12,000.

Catkin Circle in the Tamarack subdivision was finished, as was South Calumet Road from Porter Ave. to the Chesterton Post Office. Work was begun on Windridge Drive in the Tanglewood subdivision.

Quotes for Roof

Members, for their part, voted unanimously to authorize Town Engineer Mark O’Dell to solicit quotes for a new roof requested by Police Chief Dave Cincoski.

The estimated cost of a new roof: $60,000.

Quotes must be solicited from at least three qualified contractors.

Fee Waiver for Bird Sanctuary

Members also voted unanimously, at Ton’s request, to waive the building permit fee for the construction of a prefabricated gazebo donated to the Westchester Migratory Bird Sanctuary by Bob and Becky Dunbar.

“The Westchester Migratory Bird Sanctuary is a major asset to Duneland,” Ton said, added that the conversion of the old town dump--located directly across the street from the rear entrance to Westchester Intermediate School--into a wildlife sanctuary is nothing short of a “transformation, a metamorphosis.”

Sidewalk Waiver Under Advisement

Members voted unanimously as well to take under advisement, pending staff review, of developer Jason Robinson’s request for a waiver from the Town Standard requiring the installation of a sidewalk in front of all new construction.

Robinson is building a duplex at 635/637 N. Calumet Road, an old section of town without sidewalks.

PERF Contributions

Members agreed by consensus to authorize Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela to confer with Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann about the feasibility of allowing municipal employees--excluding members of the 1977 Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension Fund--to increase their personal contributions to the Indiana Public Employees’ Retirement Fund.

There would be no cost to the town, Kuziela said.


Kuziela also announced the resignation, effective July 6, of Deputy Clerk Sarah Jones.

A job posting will be out soon, Kuziela said.


Posted 6/26/2018




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