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Skate park off South 15th Street to be permanently dismantled

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The skate park off South 15th Street, at the Prairie Duneland trail head, is coming down.

At the Chesterton Park Department’s meeting Tuesday night, Superintendent Bruce Mathias requested and was granted authorization to dismantle the skate park.

Mathias told the board that the skate structures are 10 years old now and “have become a maintenance issue.

The skate park will not be re-built at the present site, Mathias said, but at some point a new one will be constructed in Dogwood Park, one with more robust, concrete tubular structures. It’s unclear if there will be funds remaining from the $2-million park bond issued in 2015 to pursue a new skate park, he added, but even if there are it won’t be pursued this year.

“Any discussion?” asked President Paul Shinn before the board voted on Mathias’ request.

“No, it needs to go,” Member Candy Tucker replied.

“It needs to go,” Shinn concurred.

Duneland Flyers

In other business, a couple of dozen members of the Duneland Flyers youth baseball league were in attendance on Tuesday, to thank the board and the Park Department for its continued support.

“On behalf of my teammates, we would like to thank the Park Board, Hilary, and Bruce for working with us and allowing us to use the fields at Dogwood Park,” Bryce Doud said. “Without the use of those fields, we would not be able to improve our skills to the point at which they are now and our team would not have been able to have the successful season that we had last year.”

“We were able to practice and host scrimmage games last year that helped our team surpass 25 wins and finish in fifth place in the BPA World Series,” Sebastian Boswell said for his part. “Your allowing our program to use those fields is developing the youth in the Duneland community and allowing us to represent the Town of Chesterton on and off the field with pride.”

“We, like the older Flyers teams, want to represent this community on and off the field, with pride,” added Braylon Doud. “Thank you.”

Duneland Flyers Coach John Kallen then presented a check to the board in the amount of $860, to pay this season’s field usage fees. The teams will be using the fields from 4 to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from April 1 through July 31.

The Duneland Flyers will be holding a fundraising spaghetti dinner and silent auction from 3 to 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 11, at Chesterton High School. Tickets will be available at the door.

Duneland Diamond

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to allow the Duneland Diamond league, plus two adult leagues, to use the field at Chesterton Park.

In lieu of usage fees, Duneland Diamond will continue to upgrade and maintain the field, located at the northwest corner of West Porter Ave. and South Fifth Street.

Dan Ameling noted that a 30-foot flag pole has been installed in center field, as part of an Eagle Scout project pursued by Quinn Conway of Troop 908, who raised $3,000 for the structure.

Ameling did note that better lighting needs to be installed before a flag is raised permanently.

Chesterton Art Center

From the floor Chesterton Art Center Executive Director Wendy Marciniak proposed a partnership between the Art Center and the Park Department for the purpose of exploring an artistic treatment of the new restroom facility at Dogwood Park.

“We love the new restroom that has been put up there and would like to collaborate on a project to decorate the walls,” Marciniak said. “We’d like to see if we can create something beautiful on those walls and create a sense of ownership with everyone who uses Dogwood Park and who come to the Chesterton Art Fair.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Shinn said.

The annual Chesterton Art Fair, sponsored by the Chesterton Art Center, is now held at Dogwood Park.


Posted 2/8/2018




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