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Skate park now open and rules posted, but skaters are warned

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The Chesterton Skate Park is now open.

Signage establishing the rules of usage has been completed and posted and skaters are good to go.

But the Parks and Recreation Department is issuing a warning to skaters: Respect the property, obey the rules, or face the consequence of the park’s being closed again.

“If the equipment or the signs are vandalized, we will close the park down until repairs are made,” Superintendent Bruce Mathias said. “Skaters will be responsible for the park’s closure if they trash it like they did last year.”


“Use of this extreme sport area involves the risk of serious injury and death. Any user of this facility acknowledges the risk of injury and death, and assumes the risk of injury and death while using this facility.

“The Town of Chesterton and its Department of Parks and Recreation is not responsible for injury or death arising from the use of the extreme sport area. The extreme sport area should not be used in adverse weather conditions. The Town of Chesterton and its Department of Parks and Recreation, which owns and operates this extreme sports area, by law, is not liable for any loss sustained as a result of a temporary condition of the extreme sport area that results from weather.”

Rules and Regulations:

•Hours of operation, from March through November, 8 a.m. to dusk. But closed for special events.

•The extreme sport area is closed to spectators and non-participants.

•Helmets and protective equipment are required.

•Skaters and bikers are responsible for checking/observing the equipment for defects prior to use.

•Damage/defects are to be reported to the Chesterton Park Department.

•Children under age 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

•No motorized vehicles are allowed and modifications to equipment such as wax or other accelerants are not permitted.

•No drugs, alcohol, or smoking are allowed.

•No glass containers.

•No pets.

•No chairs or benches allowed.

•No vendors or scheduled events and/or contests are allowed unless approved by the Chesterton Park Board.

•Those not following the rules are prohibited from using the facility. Hours for the Park are Mid to Late March-November; 8 a.m. to Dusk. (Closed for special events.).

Emergency contact numbers for 911, the Chesterton Police Department, and the Chesterton Park Department are also listed prominently.

Posted 3/19/2010