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Sharon Darnell against Common Wage Law repeal

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Chesterton Town Council Member Sharon Darnell, D-4th, went on the record at the council’s meeting Monday night, putting into no uncertain terms her opposition to the bill which would repeal the Common Construction Wage Law.

That law, on the books for more than three-quarters of a century, requires municipalities pursuing public works projects with an estimated cost in excess of $350,000 to appear before a common construction wage committee, which is tasked with establishing--after a public hearing--the most commonly paid construction wages in a county.

Darnell read the following prepared statement:

“The Indiana (Common) Construction Wage Law was passed in 1935 by a majority of our elected officials to protect our citizens from inequality in the workplace. To protect Indiana’s workforce from companies outside the state who threaten our Indiana businesses which pay their taxes here.

“These companies furnish benefits and livelihoods that make Indiana strong and provide our citizens with a fair middle-class wage and benefits that make a good living possible.

“And now our elected officials in Indianapolis have changed their minds.

“But what has changed? Do the rights and wages of our citizens no longer warrant protection?

“Is it easier to welcome companies from out of state to take the jobs of our citizens?

“Do the elected officials understand that taxes outside of state lines and the loss of local county income taxes can only hurt communities that need them to survive?

“Or is it as simple as elected officials having forgotten to do their homework?

“I believe at around the age of 10 one of my teachers drilled this into my head, from George Santayana: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’”



Posted 3/10/2015




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