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Senior living community planned near Addison Pointe

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StoryPoint, a company in the Midwest that specializes in living communities for seniors, is looking to build a 162-unit development on the property located between the Chesterton Medical Center clinic and Addison Pointe Health and Rehab Center on Dickinson Rd.

Attorney Greg Babcock spoke to the Chesterton Plan Commission on Thursday for a concept review, presenting a letter from StoryPoint Development Officer Aaron Seymour saying the community will consist of 120 apartments for independent living and 42 units for enhanced living.

“(StoryPoint) believes we can use this type of development in the north side of our county,” Babcock said.

Approximately 70 to 80 jobs would be created as a result of the facility, Seymour’s letter said, from unskilled labor to professional health providers.

The independent living will consist of 72 one-bedroom apartments, 12 two-bedroom units and eight two-bedroom deluxe units. It would have amenities like a dining facility and a bistro, activity areas, library, banking, postal service, barber/salon, fitness rooms and multi-purpose rooms.

The wing for enhanced living, which is a step closer to assisted living, would have 30 one-bedroom units, four two-bedroom units and eight studio units.

The independent living portion will be in a three-story building, about 48 feet at roof height, Babcock said. The exterior will be brick with vinyl siding and brick/stone veneer. Outdoor patios, walkways, seating, shrubs and trees are also planned.

Drainage will be routed to two small retention areas near the front drive, project engineer Mike Duffy of DLZ said. There will be a larger detention area to the southwest between Ind. 49 and Addison Pointe.

Sewer will hook into the Dickinson Road lift station, Babcock said, which has capacity to handle the flow.

Town Manager Bernie Doyle commented that this senior living center will be unique to the area and StoryPoint has been very cooperative with the Town since the idea was made known to them about a year ago. He extended his gratitude to StoryPoint for looking to build here.

“It complements the town. It fills a niche,” Doyle said.

One planner, Thomas Kopko, was however not comfortable with the three-story design. He said most buildings nearby are no bigger than one story.

“It’s way bigger than anything else over there. Way bigger,” Kopko said.

Planner Fred Owens asked if this would be in competition with Addison Pointe. Babcock said it wouldn’t since Addison Pointe operates as a rehab center with 24-hour nursing and StoryPoint will be mainly independent living.

The plans will be heard at the plan commission’s next meeting on May 19 for a preliminary hearing.

Brassie Estates plat accepted

In other matters, the commission voted unanimously to approve the primary plat for Units 2 and 3 of Brassie Estates for 61 single-family units and Brassie Woods for 26 units in paired-patio homes, located west of Pearson Rd. and north of the Brassie Golf Course.

The planned unit development amendments were approved by the Town Council last week with favorable recommendation by the planners.

No changes have been made on the plat, Babcock said, from what was presented for the PUD.

A Porter Cove resident spoke in remonstration during the public hearing, expressing concerns he and his neighbors have about the impact the development would have on them.

“We chose this area to live because it’s kind of like being out in the country. With this proposal, that’s kind of going away,” resident Dan Wells said, adding that he is not looking forward to the extra traffic.

Also approved was plattage for Lot 2 of the Coffee Creek Center PUD, Phase C Block 21, requested by Jeff Brant of Ascend Real Estate Advisors. The recorded plat is needed in order for the seller to sell the property and the buyers can close on the deal.

Before any building is done, the new owners would have to present their plans to the Town, said Town Engineer Mark O’Dell.

No one from the audience spoke during the public hearing for the request.

Rezoning on 14th Street

A preliminary hearing was given on a petition by the William and Rita Bennett Trust to rezone 112 South 14th Street from B-3 Business zoning, behind Red Carpet Smoke Shop, to R-3 Multi-family Residential.

Attorney Terry Hiestand said the owner wants to have the zoning changed to reflect the use of the property. A smaller home at the south end of the property is planned to be taken down and a multi-family home is planned in its place with multiple living units, he said.

The commission set the petition for public hearing in May.


Lastly, the planners unanimously agreed to extend the sidewalk guarantee for five lots in the Touch of Green subdivision near Locust St.

O’Dell said the sidewalk has not been put in even though the subdivision was approved in 2005.

Babcock asked that the extension be for two years, but planner Jim Kowalski urged cutting it to one year, in hopes the developer will fix the problem for the people who live there.

“The (developers) get all the breaks all the time. Let’s this time give it to the residents,” Kowalski said to his colleagues.

The extension was unanimously approved for one year with the planners hoping that this will be the last time.


Posted 4/22/2016







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