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Schnadenberg vows to continue leaf program

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“We’re going to get the leaves. When? We don’t know.”

So Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg pledged at Monday night’s Town Council meeting to continue this season’s leaf program.

As Schnadenberg reported to the council, on coming into work Monday morning he found that 28 residents had left voicemail messages over the holiday weekend wanting to know when their leaves will be collected.

The answer to that question: Just as soon as the crews can make it to those folks’ front yards.

Schnadenberg conceded that crews “are behind on leaves,” despite three of them working on Friday, an official town holiday. “Right now we’re working on Thursday’s route from a week ago,” he said. “It’s been slow going,” all the more so because the leaf piles which had been sodden and heavy and hard to vac up are now frozen in place at curbside and buried in snow.

“Residents don’t need to call the Street Department,” Schnadenberg added. “We’re picking up where we left off. As soon as we can see them, we’ll get them.”



Posted 11/27/2018




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