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Schnadenberg submits 2019 TIF paving list: Sidewalk Road, Sand Creek Drive N

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg is eyeing the re-pave this season of four roads serving the town’s tax increment financing district this year.

At Monday night’s meeting of the Redevelopment Commission, Schnadenberg submitted a proposed project list for members to take under advisement.

The projects:

* Milling/re-paving Sidewalk Road from Kelle Drive to 200E, then 200E south to Harrington Road.

* Milling/re-paving Old North Calumet Road from Ind. 49 to the town’s corporate limit.

* Aherns Road, where the Jiffy Lube is located, between Roberts Road and Sand Creek Drive North.

* And Sand Creek Drive North from Sandpiper Drive south to Michael Drive.

In addition, Schnadenberg is proposing to install decorative sleeves on street signs on East Porter Ave. from South Calumet Road to Ind. 49, at an estimated cost of $9,000.

Schnadenberg told members that Sidewalk Road and that stretch of 200E north of Harrington Road are both in fairly rough condition, but now that Olthof Homes LLC is nearing its build-out at Morgan’s Corner--and the heavy use of those roadways by cement trucks and other construction vehicles should soon come to an end--“it’s time to put some money into that road and fix it up.”

H.B. 1596

In other business, Town Manager Bernie Doyle drew members’ attention to a bill approved by the Indiana House and now referred to the Senate--H.B. 1596--which he said could potentially restrict the ways redevelopment commissions may use TIF moneys.

Specifically, the bill would prohibit the use of TIF revenues outside the TIF district unless the redevelopment commission adopts a declaratory resolution that finds that the expenditures will directly benefit the TIF district or will result in the creation or retention of jobs in the private sector.

The bill “would drastically broaden the impact on TIF expenditures,” Doyle said. “It’s a bad bill. Any use of TIF funds we are used to would be affected. It goes without saying what the Town of Chesterton’s landscape would look like without TIF districts.”

“People downstate would like to completely eliminate TIF districts,” Doyle added. “It’s broadened to where it’s in the danger area.”

Members accordingly voted unanimously to adopt a resolution against H.B. 1596. Later in the evening, at its own meeting, the Town Council did so as well.

Fiber Optic Update

Meanwhile, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported that fiber optic conduit has been bored under both the Norfolk Southern and CSX lines, on its way to Yost Elementary School, and that the fiber itself should be pulled through sometime in the next two weeks.

But O’Dell said that he’s still working on obtaining the necessary permits from Amtrak to get the conduit underneath its set of tracks.

2019 Election of Officers

By unanimous votes Member Dane Lafata was elected president of the commission for 2019 and Member Emerson DeLaney vice-president.

Duneland School Board Rep Welcomed

Member Nick Walding took a moment at the end of Monday’s meeting to welcome the Duneland School Board’s new representative on the commission: John Marshall, who succeeds Mike Trout, who retired his seat on the School Board at the end of 2018.

“I look forward to serving,” Marshall said. “I know I’ve got big shoes to fill but I’m being brought up to speed.”

Under Indiana Code, school boards may appoint one member to a non-voting seat on local redevelopment commissions.




Posted 2/27/2019




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