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Schnadenberg: Man flouts load-limit at yard-waste site

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What’s a reasonable amount of brush a Chesterton resident may acceptably dump at the Street Department’s yard-waste facility at 1490 Broadway?

Five pickup-truck loads, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg says.

How much did a resident actually dump on Sunday morning, after being told specifically that he couldn’t rationally expect to foist on taxpayers the cost of transporting and chipping three trees’ worth of brush?

A dump-truck worth.

At the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, Schnadenberg asked members to formalize in Town Code the already existing policy, to put some teeth into things.

The issue emerged last week, after a resident of the 100 block of 14th Street cut down three large trees on his property. Schnadenberg subsequently told him that he could dump no more than five pickup-truck loads at the yard-waste facility, a limit which angered the man. “He just felt like he paid his taxes and should have his brush removed,” Schnadenberg said.

In any case, the man did in fact dump five pickup-truck loads on Friday. Then, on Sunday, after getting himself a dump truck, he hauled a bunch more brush to the site.

“Now the taxpayers have to pay to have it taken away to Crocker,” Schnadenberg said. “It’s very expensive to grind the brush.”

How expensive? The town occasionally rents a grinder for $3,600 a day. Schnadenberg figures that this guy’s brush will cost at least $800 to chip and possibly as much as $1,000. And those figures don’t include the expense of transporting his brush to Crocker in the first place.

Members did vote 4-0 to authorize Lukmann to codify an applicable ordinance.

But Lukmann may have another trick up his sleeve as well. “You told him ahead of time he couldn’t do that and he went ahead and did it?” Lukmann asked, incredulously. “We’ll see what we can do now.”

Meanwhile, Town Manager Bernie Doyle said that he is currently trying to find a budget to hire a new monitor at the yard-waste facility, after long-time weekend guard Paul Tharp retired from the position.

As Member Jim Ton, R-1st, noted, it’s very likely that, had Tharp been on the case on Sunday, the guy with the dump truck would have been stymied. “We’ll see if we can find anybody who does as well as (Tharp) did,” Ton said.


Posted 8/13/2013