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Schnadenberg: Keep Able trash cans clear of snow

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Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg is asking residents who put their trash cans in alleys for collection to make sure those cans are free and clear of snow.

At the Town Council’s meeting Monday night, Schnadenberg said that Able Disposal is unable to use the automated garbage trucks in alleys, so that any can buried by snow needs to be freed by hand--by the resident him- or herself.

Folks “shouldn’t be expecting Able to dig garbage cans out,” Schnadenberg said.

It’s been tough enough getting Able’s big trucks into the alleys in the first place, he noted. The Street Department typically uses plow-equipped pickup trucks to clear alleys in town, but those plows have eight-foot blades, compared to the garbage truck’s width of nine and a half feet. It doesn’t much matter for a few inches of snow every couple of weeks but so far Duneland’s been walloped with 60 inches and there hasn’t been a thaw in more than a month, so that all that white stuff has been piling up.

The Street Department, accordingly, has begun using front-end loaders to clear alleys and Schnadenberg said that residents can expect to see those loaders around town--clearing cul-de-sacs, addressing line-of-sight problems at intersections--as crews try to come to terms with snow banks 10 feet in height and higher.

“Every 48 to 72 hours it seems like we get more snow,” Schnadenberg said.

The Ladder Truck

In other business, Fire Chief Mike Orlich reported that the ladder truck--technically, Engine 520--remains out of service as it continues to get repairs, after hitting a power line in December during a weekly check.

The ladder is now operational, Orlich said, but the contractor is “still checking for other damage.”


Posted 2/11/2014