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Schnadenberg gets approval for ambitious project list

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The Chesterton Street Department is ramping up for another busy season.

At the council’s meeting Monday night, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg sought--and got--approval for his 2015 project list, which includes 12 paving jobs and 11 crack-sealing ones.

Schnadenberg has $175,000 in CEDIT funds for the former, $25,000 for the latter, and he told the council that he’ll stretch those earmarks as far as they’ll go and see what happens. “I’m not sure at this point how far the money will go,” Schnadenberg said. “But we’ll do as much as we can until we run out of money.”

The paving projects:

* 18th Street from Wood Street to Broadway, then continuing south on 18th Street to the end of the street and around the apartment complex.

* South Park Drive from West Porter Ave. to Jefferson Ave., then east on Jefferson Ave. to the alley.

* 11th Street south of West Porter Ave. to a point just south of Park Ave.

* Taft Street from Washington Ave. north of Westchester Ave. to the alley.

* Gladys Lane from Grace Lane to Louisa Lane.

* Grace Lane from Fifth Street to Primrose Circle.

* Union Ave. from 21st Street to 23rd Street.

* 22nd Street from West Porter Ave. to Union Ave.

* 1100N from 11th Street to 50W.

* 18th Street south of West Porter Ave. to West Morgan Ave., then West Morgan Ave. to South Jackson Blvd.

* West Indiana Ave. east of 15th Street.

Crack-sealing projects will include 1,165 feet of 15th Street from Broadway to Woodlawn; 5,990 feet of 23rd Street from Wood Street to 1100N; 2,768 feet in the Rosehill subdivision, including Corey Lane, Jacob Lane, and Maximilian Drive; 800 feet of 1050N from 100E to the Tamarack subdivision entrance; 2,630 feet of Fifth Street from 1100N to 1050N.

TIF-funded Projects

Earlier in the evening, at its regular monthly meeting, the Redevelopment Commission similarly approved Schnadenberg’s separate list of projects to be pursued in the tax increment financing district--or in areas adjacent to and serving the district--and funded with TIF moneys.

The projects include these paving jobs:

* The milling and re-surfacing of the eastbound lanes of Indian Boundary Road between Council Drive and Roberts Road. Estimated cost: $15,00.

* Brown Ave. from North Calumet Road to Third Street. Estimated cost: $20,000.

* The old “Ace Hopkins Hardware” alley off South Calumet Road, between Lincoln Ave. and West Morgan Ave. Estimated cost: $10,000.

* East Indiana Ave. and Lois Lane, along with the public parking lot behind the South Calumet Road business block and adjacent to Coffee Creek Park. Estimated cost: $45,460.

* The parking lot of the old New York Passenger Depot building, currently leased by the town to the Duneland Chamber of Commerce. Estimated cost: $19,000.

* West Porter Ave. from Eighth Street to 15th Street. Estimated cost: $126,000.

* The patchwork and maintenance of 1100N from 11th Street to 23rd Street. Estimated cost: $10,000. Schnadenberg said that he hopes to give this stretch of 1100N a full facelift in 2016.

Other projects:

* Around $10,000 in crack-sealing, including Plaza Drive, Council Drive, Broadway from Fourth Street to Eighth Street, and 100E from 1100N to the Chesterton Post Office.

* Traffic signal maintenance, including “conflict testing” and the replacement of the battery for the backup system in the signals at select intersections in town. Estimated cost: $5,000

Schnadenberg put the entire price tag for this season’s TIF projects at $284,460. That includes the $67,990 cost of replacing the sidewalk and curb along the north side of Broadway from South Calumet Road to the Chamber parking lot; earlier in the meeting the commission awarded the contract for this job to low quoter R. V. Sutton Inc.



Posted 4/28/2015




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