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Schnadenberg: Call Street Department for brush pickup

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The Chesterton Street Department doesn’t have the manpower and—more to the point—can’t afford the fuel to cruise the town’s streets seeking brush to collect.

So when you leave a stack of sticks and debris at curbside, go the extra step and call the Street Department at 926-2222 to request collection.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg made that request of folks at Monday’s Town Council meeting.

As Schnadenberg noted, if residents don’t call, the brush is just going to sit there, quite possibly for a long time. “We just can’t go look for brush,” he said. “It’s too expensive and we don’t have the staff.”

Folks who live in neighborhoods where piles of brush—not their own—have been sitting for some time are encouraged to call the Street Department as well.

Street Salt Bids

In other business, Schnadenberg reported that the street salt bids are in from the state and they’re marginally better than last year’s: untreated salt is down by 14 cents per ton; treated salt, by 18 cents per ton.

The Street Department purchases its salt from a state bidding program: around 1,100 tons of untreated and 700 tons of treated every season, Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune after the meeting.

This year’s bid would amount to something like a total savings over last year of $280.

The bids are good through March 31, 2012.

Grant Awarded

Meanwhile, Town Manager Bernie Doyle reported that the town has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Lake Michigan Coastal Program “to help facilitate the planning” of the Duneland-Kankakee Trail, which when completed will link Indiana Dunes State Park to the Kankakee River near Hebron.

The Town of Chesterton will pick up the trail from the Town of Porter in the area of Waverly Road and Woodlawn Ave. but the specific route through town has not yet been determined.


Posted 8/23/2011