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Saturdays will be goat days at Three Moons Fiberworks on Broadway

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There shall be goats at the European Market.

More specifically, Angora goats, three of them, at Three Moons Fiberworks, 402 Broadway in Downtown Chesterton, from around 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on European Market Saturdays.

At its meeting Monday night, the Chesterton Town Council voted unanimously to permit Rebecca Riley-Vargas, owner of Three Moons, to keep the trio of Angoras in a pen on the east side of the building for those four hours or so only.

The purpose of the goats: to demonstrate to Market goers where the wool used in her studio by fabric artists actually comes from. “We want to be able to show what raw wool looks like when it’s still on the hoof,” Riley-Vargas said.

She added that multiple groups have expressed an interest in shearing demonstrations as well.

Members wanted assurances that the goats wouldn’t be housed on site, assurances which Riley-Vargas was happy to provide. In fact, the goat may not be at every European Market either, she said. “In rain or heat they won’t be there. It’s really a limited subset of days that they would be there.”

Member Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, who happened upon the goats on Friday, while Riley-Vargas was testing their pen, noticed that a walking field trip from the Chesterton Montessori School was enjoying them very much. “I think its a good teaching thing in that respect,” he said.

Members accordingly voted to grant Riley-Vargas a waiver from the Town Code ban on farm animals, good only for Saturdays and good only through the end of the European Market season.

Dollar General

In other business, members heard from two residents who voiced their opposition to a proposed Dollar General at the old Lipinski Automotive at 1300 Broadway. Tom Lipinski has petitioned the Advisory Plan Commission for a re-zone of the property from I-1 to B-3 to permit the development of a Dollar General on the east side of the property. The Plan Commission will hold a public hearing at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, on Lipinski’s petition.

Kim Goldak, reading from a prepared statement, objected to a Dollar General on numerous grounds. “I don’t believe that we should allow a Dollar store to open on the west end of town. If you read the marketing plan of the Dollar stores, they strategically set up multiple stores in low-income areas, effectively keeping out other grocery/mom-and-pop stores/incubators. They do not offer fresh food, yet they feed more people than Whole Foods, nor are their prices as low as people think. The wages paid are typically low, and the staff overworked.”

“Would the town get some tax dollars?” Goldak added. “Of course, but at what expense? I think if we put our thinking caps on, we could improve the lives of the people living on the west end of town. Otherwise, it’s like saying ‘That part of town doesn’t matter, we gave up on you.’”

Ann Macker, who lives about a block away from the property, urged the town to conduct a community neighborhood impact study before approving the re-zone for the Dollar General.

“Look at property values,” Macker suggested, crime, noise, safety, traffic, and rental turnover.”

No CPD Notification

Meanwhile, Brian Marx registered this complaint from the floor: it wasn’t until some 12 hours after the manhunt in Westchester and Pine townships for a person of interest in a shooting on Ind. 49, in the early hours of Thursday, Aug. 29, that the Chesterton Police Department posted a notification on its Facebook page regarding the fugitive.

“I’m very disgruntled,” Marx said. “My first concern is that my daughter works at the State Park. Well over 12 hours had expired and there was no notification.”

Members asked Police Chief Dave Cincoski to look into the matter, but DeLaney, for his part, said that he saw on Facebook--he wasn’t sure whose page it was on--a notification only 45 minutes after the shooting and “while it was still an active incident.”

DeLaney urged Marx to bring the matter to the Police Commission when it meets at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12.


Posted 9/11/2019




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