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RR quiet zone RFP nearly ready for advertisement

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A request for proposals for a feasibility study on a quiet-zone retrofit of the railroad grade-crossings in Downtown Chesterton is nearly ready.

So Town Manager Bernie Doyle reported to the Town Council at its meeting Monday night.

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell has specced out the RFP and it is now in the hands of Harris Welsh & Lukmann for review, Doyle said.

At their last meeting, members voted unanimously to develop an RFP for an engineer’s feasibility study, to be funded with $40,000 in CEDIT moneys previously earmarked for the quiet-zone project.

Some retrofit of the town’s five Downtown grade-crossings would likely be necessary: those on South Calumet Road, North Fourth Street, South Eighth Street, North 15th Street, and North Jackson Blvd.

Associate Town Attorney Julie Paulson told the council that her firm has taken receipt of the proposed RFP and that “it should be ready to go soon.”

Jefferson Ave. Vacation

In other business, members voted unanimously to hold a public hearing at its June 10 meeting on the petition of Diana Arroyo of 518 S. 18th St. for a vacation of a portion of platted but unimproved Jefferson Ave. adjacent to her property.

In her petition Arroyo noted that her use of her own property is restricted by this platted right-of-way, that it “serves no practical purpose,” and that improved Jefferson Ave. stubbs out at South 15th Street.

Members forwarded the petition to staff for their review.

Region Games

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to grant the Duneland Chamber of Commerce use of Thomas Centennial Park from 12 to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 12, for the Full Circle Young Professionals Region Games.

The Park Department originally granted the Chamber use of Dogwood Park for the Region Games, but--following a miscommunication of some sort--all of the shelters at Dogwood Park have already been reserved by the public, Associate Town Attorney Connor Nolan told the council.

“This is not an issue created by the town,” Nolan added.

Because the Region Games is a 21-and-over event, and alcohol will be available, Thomas Park will be fenced and closed to the public from 12 to 5 p.m. May 12.

Meeting Re-scheduled

Finally, members voted unanimously to re-schedule their next meeting to 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, as their regular meeting day--the fourth Monday of the month--this year falls on Memorial Day.



Posted 5/14/2019




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