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Residents urge Chesterton to expand park system

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The Chesterton Park Board met Tuesday evening and heard from a few residents who support improvements and expansion of the parks.

Richele Howard, of Chesterton, urged the park board to look for vacant, undeveloped land in Chesterton with an eye toward preserving open space. She is particularly interested in an area near the Post Office which she says would make a nice natural area. She documented for the board the various wildflowers growing on the meadow-like area.

Larry Jackson, also of Chesterton asked the board to allow him to work to broaden the paved areas at the entry barriers on the Duneland-Prairie Trail. Jackson’s father fell near one and broke his leg, Jackson told the board.

The board agreed to have Jackson review the length of the trail and work with park superintendent Bruce Mathias to identify areas in need of widening.

Paul Tharp, a local resident, told the board that concerns about arsenic in the parks has been overblown.

The park has hired a new full-time maintenance staff person. Michael Billings is a former Marine and has worked part-time for the park this past year. Billings will work full-time with Mathias.

Mathias reported the renovation of the Santa house is nearly complete.

General maintenance throughout the park has been proceeding along with a lot of leaf blowing.

The Park Board will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 16, to begin work on the next 5 year Master Plan. The plan is one of the basis used when the park applies for grants.

Also, the board voted unanimously to send a letter to the Chesterton Town Council members requesting Vincent Emanuele, president of the park board, be re-appointed when his term expires at the end of this year.

Information for this report was provided by Beth Marshall, administrative assistant at the park department.


Posted 11/10/2004