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Report potholes in Chesterton to Street Department

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Last week’s frigid temperatures, in combination with heavy snow and then the rapid thaw, have left Duneland’s road surfaces brutalized.

As Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported at Monday night’s Town Council meeting, potholes are “cropping up” all over the place and some of them are viciously deep.

So vicious, in fact, that a Street Department crew worked an extra four hours on Saturday patching some of the worst ones. A crew was out again on Monday doing the same.

If you spot a bad pothole, Schnadenberg said, don’t hesitate to report it to the Street Department at 926-2222 or otherwise to use the “Report a Problem” function on the town’s website at

But, he added, be aware of the jurisdiction in which the pothole is located. The Chesterton Street Department won’t be patching holes in one of the other Tri-Towns or in unincorporated county.

Ind. 49 Signage

Schnadenberg did take a quick moment on Monday to alert members to the new signage posted along Ind. 49 marking cross streets like Indian Boundary Road and 1100N. That signage, he said, was erected by the Indiana Department of Transportation at the request of Member Jim Ton, R-1st.

Ton, for his part, thanked his friends at the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission for working with him on the signage.

Unused Vacation Time

In other business, members voted 4-0 to approve the request of Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela for authorization to pay five department heads for vacation time not used in 2013, per the Personnel Policy Manual, which permits such compensation for up to 80 hours of unused time.

Schnadenberg will be reimbursed for 80 hours; Police Chief Dave Cincoski for 80 hours; Fire Chief Mike Orlich for 72 hours; Town Engineer Mark O’Dell for 50 hours; and Town Manager Bernie Doyle for 48 hours.

Member Sharon Darnell, D-4th, was not in attendance.


Members also voted 4-0 to appoint Paul Tharp to an open seat on the Tax Abatement Advisory Board.

Knights of Columbus

Tootsie Roll Drive

Members voted 4-0 as well to authorize the Knights of Columbus to hold their annual Tootsie Roll fundraiser on Friday, June 6, and Saturday, June 7, on the sidewalk in front of the Downtown Branch of Centier Bank and at the European Market, the latter location subject to the approval of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce.

Ladder Truck

Fire Chief Mike Orlich reported that the CFD’s ladder truck, damaged on Dec. 23 when it inadvertently struck an overhead power line during a routine check, will be repaired either this week or next.

Welcome, Clerk-Treasurer Kuziela

Members Emerson DeLaney, R-5th, and Jeff Trout, R-2nd, both took a moment at the end of the meeting officially to welcome Kuziela, who was elected Clerk-Treasurer late last year by a Republican Party caucus to succeed Gayle Polakowski, who retired effect Dec. 31.


Posted 1/14/2014