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Replacing LEL brick road pavers with asphalt would be involved process

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The Lake Erie Land Company hasnít yet decided whether it will replace and repair the missing and broken brick road pavers at Coffee Creek Center, or whether it will just rip them up and put down blacktop in their place.

In fact, ďthe asphalt optionĒ which LEL is paying Lawson-Fisher Associates to engineer hasnít been completed yet.

But as Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Redevelopment Commission at its meeting Monday night, building a road to town specifications would be an involved process.

First the pavers and the layer of sand beneath them would have to be removed. Then the stone subsurface, eight to 11 inches deep, would also have to be removed, actually underdug, to a total depth of approximately 21 inches. Then, per town spec, 12 full inches of stone would be laid, topped by nine inches of asphalt to bring the road surface up to grade.

LEL would, of course, be required to provide a two-year maintenance bond, Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann noted, at which time the town would formally accept the road and add it to the municipal inventory.

The job itself, Schnadenberg added, would probably be done in sections: Village Point between Sidewalk Road and Voyage Blvd., say, followed by Village Point between Voyage Blvd. and Gateway Blvd. In any case, one lane of traffic would have to be maintained at all times. Those sorts of details Schnadenberg said heís currently discussing with Lawson-Fisher.

And though Schnadenberg is hopeful that LEL will plump for asphalt, hopeful too that if it does work will get underway this fall—assuming a contractor can be found this late in the season—the decision is still LELís to make, he told the commission.

Cottonwood Danger

Meanwhile, Schnadenberg had this to say about the dead and rotting cottonwood tree towering over Village Point where Voyage Blvd. deadends: that tree—a hazard tree for sure—is on municipal right-of-way and the responsibility for removing it is the Town of Chestertonís.

Schnadenberg was unable to say when exactly, however, the tree will come down, as it remains to be determined whether the Street Department will do the job itself or—because the tree is just so darn big—a contractor will be retained.


Posted 7/27/2016





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