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Quotes in for fiber optic 'meet me' room

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The Chesterton Redevelopment Commission received quotes for the ‘meet-me’ room planned as the computer nerve center of Chesterton’s fiber optic network.

The Commission at its last meeting voted to solicit quotes for a temperature controlled ‘meet-me’ room that will serve as a home for the computer nerve center needed for the Chesterton fiber optic network. The room is slated to take the place of an empty office at the municipal complex and have a separate entrance. Town Engineer Mark O’Dell estimated its cost at $100,000.

The Town is required to solicit at least three quotes from companies that have done similar projects. 10 companies were asked to provide quotes. Two obliged. The first quote was $53,444.80 from HP Construction Services in Westville and $42,000 from Gariup Construction Company Inc. in Gary. Gariup’s quote included an additional $11,000 allowance that the Town is still looking into. The Commission took the quotes under advisement and will likely hold a special meeting to discuss them further, according to Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Kuziela.

Change Orders

In other business, the Commission approved two change orders on projects in progress. The first change order was $13,368.74 to Walsh & Kelly for materials for stripping and paving on the Gateway Blvd. left turn lane project.

The second change order was $74,950.21 to CSU of Plainfield, Ind. for boring time and material working on the fiber optic network. This is the second change order on the project, increasing the contract price by 5.9 percent, from $1,278,431.15 to $1,353,381.36.



Posted 3/27/2018





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