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Public hearing set on Springdale PUD Phase I replat

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The Chesterton Advisory Plan Commission will hold a public hearing at its next meeting, Dec. 17, on an amended primary plat of Phase I of the Springdale planned unit development, located immediately south of 1050N and west of Abercrombie Woods in Crocker.

The replat proved necessary after the developer, Olthof Homes LLC, made a small but significant miscalculation of impervious surface in Phase I: namely, lot coverages which should have been in the range of 46 to 51 percent--already well above the 30-percent maximum normally permitted by the Zoning Ordinance but authorized by variance under the PUD ordinance--proved to be higher, in the neighborhood of 55 percent.

In September planners made it clear that, given historically high water tables and drainage issues in Crocker, they were unlikely to amend the PUD ordinance to accommodate those larger lot coverages with their increased impervious surfaces, in essence rendering 22 paired patio homes unbuildable.

So Olthof went back to the drawing board and at Thursday’s meeting presented a new primary plat of Phase I. By eliminating two lots entirely--50 and 69, both of them paired patio homes, one on either side of Springdale Street--Olthof was able to adjust the lot lines to provide for the permitted coverage ratios.

In addition, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell said, Olthof has agreed to add 11 rear-yard drains. “Fingers crossed, this should take care of the problem.”

Planners accordingly voted unanimously to hold a public hearing on the amended primary plat at its next meeting. Should planners approve the new primary plat, they could if they wish approve the secondary plat on the same night, Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson said.

In related business, planners also voted unanimously to approve the secondary plat for Phase II of the Springdale PUD, contingent on the receipt of a sidewalk bond and an infrastructure bond. Phase II is comprised of 25 single-family units on the far east side of the PUD, backing onto the far west side of Abercrombie Woods.

Two other phases are contemplated for Springdale: Phase III, in which approximately 10 more single-family units would be built; and Phase IV, in which commercial would be developed on the far west side of the PUD.

Lake Erie Land Company

Meanwhile, by unanimous votes planners granted secondary plat approval for two parcels at Coffee Creek Center. Both parcels were replatted earlier this year by the Lake Erie Land Company, to make the individual lots smaller in size, or otherwise to combine oddly shaped lots, to make them more sellable.

Secondary plat approval was granted for the replat of two parcels located east and north of Chesterton Family Dental, both part of Phase A-B of the Coffee Creek Center PUD. Lot 1 is comprised of an existing 1.38-acre lot plus an adjacent 0.24-acre vacated portion of Lot 37; Lot 3, of an existing 1.72-acre parcel plus an adjacent vacated 0.75-acre portion of Lot 38. This acreage has already been infrastructured.

Secondary plat approval was also granted for six separate lots ranging in size from 0.50 acres to 0.84 acres--lots 7 through 12--which were originally all part of a single larger parcel. In this case, the Lake Erie Land Company will be required to provide an infrastructure guarantee of $451,911.15, as infrastructure has not yet been installed to serve the six lots in question.



Posted 11/20/2020




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