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Project list for proposed stormwater bond issue done

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Chesterton Town Engineer Mark O’Dell has completed a prioritized list of projects to be funded by a proposed stormwater bond issue.

The total estimated cost of the 16 projects: at least $1,182,500, or about $182,500 more than the likely upper limit of the issue, which Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson put at between $800,000 and $1 million.

The list, in order of priority:

•The clearing of the Lincoln Street storm basin in the area of 23rd Street. Cost: $75,000.

•A stormwater lift station to be built in the alley behind Val’s Pizza to drain the lowest area in town during heavy rains. Cost: $125,000.

•A second lift station to be built in an alley off 11th Street just north of West Porter Ave. Cost: $125,000.

•Drainage work in the Western Acres subdivision. Cost: $75,000.

•Drainage work to alleviate flooding on 11th Street in the area of Chesterton High School. Cost: undetermined and dependent on the engineer solution.

•Work on the Pope O’Connor Ditch in the area of 1100N. Cost: undetermined.

•The installation of best management practices at the Crocker compost site. Cost: $75,000.

•Drainage work on Gladys Lane in the Westchester South subdivision. Cost: undetermined.

•Work on the CSX ditch. Cost: $75,000 plus railroad permit fees.

•Stormsewer repairs on 23rd Street. Cost: $250,000 based on 800 feet of pipe in need of repair).

•Work on ditches and culverts in the Morningside subdivision. Cost: $50,000.

•Closing and piping the open ditch on the north side of West Porter Ave. between 19th and 23rd streets. Cost: $150,000.

•Replacement of a stormwater sewer on Taylor Street. Cost: $50,000.

•Work on an open ditch on 1100N east of the CVS Pharmacy. Cost: $75,000.

•Extension of a stormwater sewer in the area of 23rd and Wood streets. Cost: $7,500.

•Drainage work in the 1000 block of Park Ave. Cost: $50,000.

“We’ll try to get through what we can,” O’Dell told the board. “Obviously we can’t do them all.”

In related business, members voted 3-0 to engage the London Witte Group of Indianapolis at its contracted bond consultant, at a price not to exceed $10,500.

The last payment on the 2000 stormwater bond issue—which totaled $835,000—is due on Dec. 1. That issue financed several large-scale drainage projects, including one on 21st Street and another on Wabash Ave.



Posted 10/18/2011