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Planners schedule public hearings on LEL plats

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The Chesterton Plan Commission voted unanimously at their meeting last week to hold a special meeting on Thursday, July 30, to convene a pair of public hearings on Lake Erie Land Company’s petitions for a plat and a re-plat.

The parcels under consideration are both located west of Village Point, one directly south of the new Chesterton Family Dental facility; the other located east and north of the facility.

The idea behind both proceedings is to make the property more sellable, either by chopping a parcel into several smaller lots; or by combining several oddly shaped lots into larger, cleaner ones.

Planners already discussed one of the parcels at their June meeting: a parcel in the 1st Addition, Phase B, of the Coffee Creek Center planned unit development--the one located south of Chesterton Family Dental--would be platted into six separate lots ranging in size from 0.50 acres to 0.84 acres. A 0.15-acre portion of Lot 37 in Phase A and B of Coffee Creek Center, in the northwest quadrant of the parcel, would also be vacated and folded into the 0.84-acre lot. LEL then plans to infrastructure the whole so as to be able to offer potential buyers “shovel-ready” lots.

The second petition is for a re-plat of two parcels located east and north of Chesterton Family Dental, both part of Phase A-B of  the Coffee Creek Center PUD. Lot 1 would be comprised of an existing 1.38-acre lot plus an adjacent 0.24-acre vacated portion of Lot 37; Lot 3, of an existing 1.72-acre parcel plus an adjacent vacated 0.75-acre portion of Lot 38. Again, LEL then plans to infrastructure the whole.

LEL attorney Kevin Warren specifically requested a special meeting for the public hearings to expedite the infrastructure work. He expressed confidence that the paperwork for the public hearings can be completed and submitted within the next two weeks.

Plat Committee

Later in evening, after the Plan Commission adjourned, the Plat Committee voted unanimously to subdivide into two separate lots the parcel at the southeast intersection of East Porter Ave. and South Calumet Road.

Both new lots will retain their B-2 zoning.

Lot A includes the house at the corner of the intersection, which historically has been a single-family residence. Lot B includes the old travel agency building. The owner of the property, BenLew Enterprises LLC, is currently remodeling the old travel agency for a commercial use not yet determined.

As part of the vote, the Plat Committee also approved both the primary and secondary plats of both lots.

The subdivision of the property was a prerequisite of a number of variances which BenLew Enterprises is seeking to obtain from the Board of Zoning Appeals, most of them related to setbacks.



Posted 7/20/2020




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