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Park Board receives 5 bids for tennis and basketball courts

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The Chesterton Park Board opened bids Tuesday for the planned new tennis and basketball courts in Chesterton Park.

The board, meeting in the park offices, opened five separate bids for the work.

Highest bidder was Walsh and Kelly, of Griffith, with a bid of $100,400.

Second highest bid came from Gariup Construction Company, Inc., of Gary, at $99,840.

Third highest was Apex Excavation, Inc., of Valparaiso, with a bid of $97,998.66.

G.E. Marshall, of Valparaiso, made a bid of $94,293.20 and Reith-Riley was fifth, or lowest bidder, at $88,453.

Board members agreed to take the bids under advisement.

The bids will be reviewed by the town engineer and town attorney and the best, most responsive bid, is likely to be accepted at the Park Board's next meeting.

The Park Board, with all members present, agreed to reschedule the board's next meeting to Tuesday, July 13, at 6 p.m.; the second Tuesday of the month.

The board usually meets the first Tuesday of the month, but decided to allow additional time for the bids to be thoroughly reviewed.



Posted 6/30/2010




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