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Park Board okays $182,000 playground setup at Dogwood

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The Chesterton Park Board spent more than $300,000 on Dogwood Park at its meeting Tuesday evening, as it continues to put the proceeds of last year’s $2-million bond issue to good work.

The first expenditure, approved by unanimous vote: $138,140.35 on a manufactured restroom, to be provided and installed by low bidder Concrete Modular Systems (CMS) Inc. of St. Petersburg, Fla.

Town Attorney Chuck Lukmann--in noting that CMS’ bid was nearly half that submitted by the only other bidder, Gariup Construction Company of Gary ($273,700)--told the board that CMS was due-diligenced, that “they’ve done work for other municipalities,” and that “they haven’t shown an inability to complete jobs.”

“And they won’t get paid until job satisfaction,” Lukmann noted.

Members also voted unanimously to purchase--at long, long last--brand-new SkyBuilders playground equipment for Dogwood, at a cost of $182,109.36. That price does not include installation, which the board will contract for later, when Superintendent Bruce Mathias takes delivery of the equipment.

When exactly the new restroom and the new playground equipment will be installed, however, is unclear. Town Engineer Mark O’Dell told the Chesterton Tribune after the meeting that it’s beginning to get late in the season for new projects. On the other hand, Mathias said that it’s certainly possible, if the stars align just right, for both jobs to be completed before the end of the year.

And if not this year, Mathias said, then early next spring.

Splash Pad

In other business, members voted unanimously to authorize Mathias to obtain a contractor for the installation of the new splash pad at Chesterton Park, now that the Park Department has taken delivery of the pad itself and full drawings for the build.

The pad--costing $104,686 and manufactured by Rain Deck of Mesa, Ariz.--will be sited south of the tennis courts.

Bobcat Trailer

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to approve an expenditure of $13,485 for a trailer for the Park Department’s Bobcat.

Mathias said that it will save wear-and-tear on the apparatus.

Included in that cost is a trencher attachment for the Bobcat, which Mathias noted will get its first use soon, during the in-house installation of a drainage pipe at the Dogwood soccer fields, which should solve the standing-water problem there.

Hooked on Art Signage

Members also voted unanimously to approve the temporary installation of signage at Thomas Centennial Park, in advance of the Hooked on Art festival there on Saturday, Sept. 24.

Two signs will be installed there on Friday, Sept. 16: one at the northwest corner of Broadway and South Calumet Road; the other on the bandstand itself, fixed on the structure by means of zip-ties.

Emanuele on the Art Fair

Member Vince Emanuele took a moment at the end of the meeting to say that he’s heard nothing but good things about the Chesterton Art Fair at Dogwood Park, during the first weekend of August.

“You and your guys did a great job,” Emanuele told Mathias. “Everything I’ve heard has been positive. Everything looked great. The parking lots were clean. The setup was good. There were no problems with the portable restrooms. It was really nice.”



Posted 9/8/2016




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