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Park Board going out to bid for renovations at Kipper and Waskom parks

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The Chesterton Park Board is going out to bid for renovations at Kipper and Waskom parks.

Those renovations include the removal of the basket court in Kipper Park--serving the Westchester South subdivision--and the addition of a shelter, benches, and a play structure for kids 5-12 at a cost of $262,000. Specifications will allow for an alternate bid to install a play structure for kids 2-5 as well, at additional cost $30,000 to $45,000.

The renovations also include the installation of an ADA playground, basketball and tennis courts, a shelter, and concrete sidewalk at Waskom Park--serving the Ironwood subdivision--for a total estimated cost of $539,120.

Construction on both parks will not begin until spring 2018, but Town Engineer Mark O’Dell said it is possible that demolition could begin before the end of the year, weather permitting.

The cost of both projects would be financed from a $2-million bond issued in late 2015.

The board voted unanimously 3-0 at its meeting Tuesday night to open bids at their next meeting, Nov. 7. Member Mark Dickinson was absent.

Project Updates

In other business, the decorative island on the Duneland Prairie Trail near its intersection with 23rd Street has been removed due to overgrowth, Superintendent Bruce Mathias reported.

Meanwhile, the construction of a new restroom at Dogwood Park is expected to begin soon with a new concrete foundation poured next week and completion of the facility expected this month, Mathias said. The new facility will be located behind and to the east of the old one, the demolition of which had not yet been completed.

Mathias also reported that repairs have been made to the boardwalk at Coffee Creek Park. He reported that there were many visible holes and cracks in the boardwalk and sinking areas resulting from floods earlier this year. Repairs were made to spindle supports, and the boardwalk was painstakingly re-leveled.

In addition, Mathias said, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg and his crew have been assisting with the removal of dead and dying trees in several Chesterton parks.

Splash Pad Closure

Member Jim Crawford took a moment at the end of the meeting to bring up the seemingly premature closure of the splash pad at Chesterton Park, on Sunday, Sept. 10, noting that that the hottest week of the season fell after Labor Day and well after the pad’s closure. “It was a freak year,” Crawford said.

Mathias, for his part, said that the pad was closed in the typical window for such attractions, after the start of school and at the beginning of fall. He did say that, in theory, he could have re-started the pad during the week of unexpectedly warm weather but that before doing so the water would have to have been tested for bacteria levels, a process which takes a minimum of four days. “I could easily flip the switch to turn it on, but that doesn’t mean the water is safe,” Mathias said.

Although the water is chlorinated, treated with UV light, and regularly tested for bacteria, there is no guarantee of the water’s condition after it sits unused for a period of time, Mathias added.




Posted 10/4/2017




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