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Olthof Homes proposes duplexes in Village Green at Coffee Creek

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The Chesterton Plan Commission on Thursday looked at a plan by Olthof Homes to put in 24 duplex lots in the Village Green Townhomes at Coffee Creek Phase 1 at the southeast corner of Kelle Dr. and Sidewalk Rd.

Ed Recktenwall, land project manager with Olthof Homes, said that he is speaking to town staff in preparation for submitting the plan for a hearing but wanted to get the Plan Commission’s opinion on having Kelle Dr. be the entrance road for the development instead of Village Point Dr.

The change is wanted because the surrounding roads are private roads and the don’t have access to Village Point Dr.

“Before we go spinning our wheels too deep in this, we just wanted to make sure we had access,” Recktenwall said.

Town Engineer Mark O’Dell said that there would be two distinct subdivisions in the area, one that is being done by Phillippe Builders Inc. and one that will be done by Olthof Homes which is purchasing the land from Lake Erie Land Company. He agreed that it would be better having Kelle Dr. be the access point and recommended the roads in the development be wide enough for emergency vehicles.

Planners said they understood the reasons and invited Recktenwall to proceed with the plans for a preliminary hearing.

Easton Park

In business matters, Planners agreed to set a public hearing for Olson Farms LLC request to make some minor changes to the planned unit development ordinance for Easton Park, which is located on CR 250 East at the eastern terminus of East Porter Ave.

Representing Olson Farms and ATG Real Estate, Eric Gastevich said that there were plans to put fencing along Easton Park Dr. like that on CR 250E. In the CAD drawing that was approved and recorded, the fences were not illustrated on the drawing for Easton Park Dr.

The fence will be six feet tall and will be along the back yards of the residential properties, he said.

The other amendment sought is changing the second driving lane for the frontage of the property, Gastevich said.

“It looks confusing if you have a second lane that really doesn’t go anywhere. People don’t know under normal driving conditions where they should move,” he said. “It is probably not the best practice so we are seeing if we can improve upon it”

O’Dell and Planner Jeff Trout suggested adding turn lanes to improve traffic movement.

O’Dell said he will talk to the Town street commissioner and Torrenga Engineering to come up with a plan for a right turn lane and acceleration and deceleration lanes to turn into the subdivision, as well as making sure drainage conditions are proper.

The Planners agreed on a motion made by Trout to advance the amendments to a public hearing at their May meeting.

Continued to the next meeting, the Planners will discuss a few remaining items for the infrastructure guarantee letter of credit for Stone Meadows.


At the start of the meeting, the Plan Commission elected its 2017 officers since it has not met since December.

George Stone will remain as president, Bob Poparad will be vice-president and Gail Murawski will be retained as secretary.



Posted 4/21/2017




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