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Old Applebee's to be remodeled; strip mall and restaurant eyed for Village Point

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The old Applebee’s restaurant on Indian Boundary Road apparently won’t be vacant that much longer.

At the Chesterton Town Council’s meeting Monday night, Building Commissioner Mark O’Dell reported that an interior remodeling permit has been issued to Morris Construction of Hobart for the space. Estimated value of the work: $24,000.

Another permit has been issued to Munster Glass ($8,200) to replace the Applebee’s windows in the front of the building.

Indications are that the space will once again be home to an eatery, O’Dell said.

Meanwhile, a building permit is currently being reviewed for a roof-top restaurant and strip mall at the northeast corner of Gateway Blvd. and Village Point, O’Dell also reported. The permit application was filed by Vendramini Construction Inc. of Chesterton for a 12,000-square foot strip mall with a 3,432-square foot restaurant on the second floor. Estimated value of the project: $1.4 million.

Community Crossings

Grant Update

In other business, Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported that, in advance of the South Calumet Road paving project being funded by a 50/50 Community Crossings infrastructure grant awarded to the town by the State of Indiana, ADA ramps and a crosswalk were recently installed--per INDOT regulations--by the Chesterton Post Office.

“Excellent work,” said President Jim Ton, R-1st. “It really opens up access to the South Calumet Business District. Please extend our appreciation for a job well done.”

The $379,000 Community Crossings grant will pay half the cost of three projects, to be completed next year: a re-pave of South Calumet Road between Porter Ave. and the Post Office; the re-pave of Wabash Ave. from North Calumet Road to Waverly Road (and then Waverly Road north to Woodlawn Ave.); and the replacement of the existing bridge over Sand Creek on East Porter Ave. with a box culvert.

In related news, O’Dell told the council that the Redevelopment Commission earlier in the evening approved an additional $13,800 payment to DLZ, engineering consultant for the East Porter Ave. culvert project. Pursuant to Community Crossings guidelines, DLZ performed an environmental assessment of the project site as well as an additional survey, after it was discovered that an Indian Boundary Conservancy District sanitary sewer main runs under the bridge footings.

Gateway Blvd. Reconfiguration

O’Dell also told the council that INDOT is now reviewing the timing of the left-turn signal at the intersection of Gateway Blvd. and Ind. 49, following the partial removal of the concrete median islands which had been causing heavy stacking in the westbound lanes of Gateway Blvd. during rush hour.

O’Dell noted that there are now 380 feet of left-turn lane space.



Posted 10/10/2017




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