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Officials crystal ball future traffic in the Dickinson Road extension area

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What the Dickinson Road extension area might look like 20 years hence--the corridor from Indian Boundary Road south to East Porter Ave., via Council Drive--is a bit clearer now than it was a week ago.

On Monday morning, the ad hoc stakeholders committee, comprised of Town of Chesterton officials and selected members of the business community, met to crystal-ball the area, with an eye to the traffic volumes and patterns which development might generate in two decades.

As Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported to the Redevelopment Commission at its meeting Monday night, the consensus is that the area to the east of the corridor will be chiefly residential, while that to the west will be commercial.

What kinds of commercial? Medical and high-end retail.

The goal, O’Dell said: an optimum mix of the two, residential and business, could be enough to generate the kind of “trip” numbers which might qualify the Dickinson Road project for inclusion in the Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission’s 2040 plan. And inclusion on that plan would qualify the project for federal funding.

Ind. 49 Utility Corridor

In other business, O’Dell reported that wet weather continues to put a crimp into work on the Ind. 49 utility corridor project. “The weather’s been horrendous on the schedule,” he said. “You can’t win.”

Although O’Dell said that, at the moment, work is “at a stand still,” some jobs are still being done. Next week, for instance the general contractor, LGS Plumbing Inc. of Crown Point, should begin installing piping into the casings under the Indiana Toll Road.

“It’s coming,” O’Dell remarked.

Is it coming enough for the project to be completed on deadline, at the end of June? Member Jeff Trout asked.

“Tentatively,” O’Dell said.

A Claim

Members voted 5-0 to approve a single claim: $1,125 from Harris Welsh & Lukmann.



Posted 3/13/2013