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O'Dell: Grass seed not growing during drought

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Here’s one effect of the drought in Duneland: it’s been hard as heck for the Chesterton Street Department to do site restoration.

As Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported at Monday’s meeting of the Stormwater Management Board, Street Department crews have been watering seeded areas—most notably the one on 23rd Street, where a stormwater line was recently replaced—but the darn grass just isn’t growing.

“The drought is making it difficult,” O’Dell said. “We’re trying to get that grass to grow.”

In related business, members voted 3-0 to approve a manual check, in the amount of $973.75 to R.V. Sutton Inc., the contractor who did the 23rd Street project as part of last year’s $880,000 stormwater bond issue. That payment closes out the project, O’Dell said.

To date, proceeds from bond issue have paid for the cleaning of the Lincoln Ave. detention basin just off 23rd Street and the Prairie Duneland Trail, at a cost of $51,200; for the emergency repair of a different section of the 23rd Street stormwater line, at $8,293.11; and for R.V. Sutton’s replacement of the failed HDPE line with 110 feet of concrete line along 23rd Street, just north of Texas Street, at $22,324.71.


In other business, O’Dell reported that the Stormwater Utility passed—more or less with flying colors—the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s recent audit of its Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination initiative, one of the requirements of the stated-mandated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System or MS4 program.

IDEM rep Reggie Korthals met with MS4 Operator Jennifer Gadzala on June 19, O’Dell said, and Gadzala “was able to provide Ms. Korthals with all of the materials and information requested during the audit.”

“Jennifer did an excellent job,” O’Dell noted. “”She’s very good at documentation.”

Brass tacks: the Stormwater Utility received “Satisfactory” ratings—the best possible—across the board, O’Dell said.

Another audit was conducted on July 12, this one of the Stormwater Utility’s Construction Site Runoff initiative. IDEM rep Douglas Wolf toured the Addison Pointe and Duneland Trails work sites, among other activities, O’Dell said, but a report has not yet been released on the results of the audit.

Phillippe Builders

Meanwhile, Phillippe Builders—owners of multiple parcels in the Townhomes on the Green subdivision in Coffee Creek Center—has been issued a new, and modified, sediment-control permit.

In February the Advisory Plan Commission put a stop-work order into effect, after the Phillippe’s previous permit expired. But Phillippe requested a modified permit which includes only those parcels which it owns, not those previously owned by failed Illinois developer James Gierzcyk and now once again under the control of the Lake Erie Land Company.

At its meeting last month, the board agreed so to modify that permit.

“Hopefully we’ll get some more development out there,” O’Dell said.

June in Review

In June, the Stormwater Utility ran a surplus of $16,852 and in the year-to-date is running a surplus of $14,995.



Posted 7/18/2012