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North Calumet Road repave scheduled for next week

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North Calumet Road, at long last, will be re-paved next week, Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Town Council at its meeting Monday night.

Schnadenberg had been hoping to get the job done well before October, but delays in NIPSCO’s gas-main replacement project--originally slated for four to five weeks but in the end taking something like three months--put the kibosh on Schnadenberg’s well-laid plans.

“I’m bound and determined to finish the job this year,” Schnadenberg said. “And it looks like the weather will hold out.”

The new schedule: on Tuesday, Oct. 20, North Calumet Road between Indian Boundary Road and the Norfolk Southern railroad at-grade crossing will be milled; then, from Wednesday to Friday, Oct. 21-23, a new coat of asphalt will be applied.

Schnadenberg will be keeping the southbound lane of North Calumet Road open to traffic, so motorists coming off Indian Boundary Road will still be able easily to access the eateries along the west side of North Calumet Road as well as the Downtown.

But the northbound lane will be closed and motorists detoured to Wabash Ave., then to Locust Street, then to Woodlawn Ave., and so back to North Calumet Road.

“We’re putting down 4.5 inches of new asphalt,” Schnadenberg noted. “We’re going to make the roadway last a while.”

The North Calumet Road re-pave is the last project of the season being partially funded by a 50/50 Community Crossings state infrastructure grant.

New Pickup

In other business, members voted unanimously to authorize Schnadenberg to order a new Ford F-550 pickup truck to replace an old F-250 scheduled to be removed from the fleet.

Schnadenberg said that he’s interested in the upgrade, as the F-550, equipped with a dump bed and capable of hauling the wood chipper and other gear, would add some versatility to the fleet. “It would still be utilized as a snowplow,” he added.

Schnadenberg estimated the cost of the F-550 with the plow and dump bed at $95,000, and said that he doesn’t expect delivery until May or June of next year.

Wabash Ave. Manholes

Meanwhile, Utility Superintendent Dave Ryan warned motorists that crews will be working on manholes along Wabash Ave. the week of Monday, Oct. 26.

Motorists should expect the possibility that Wabash Ave. will be closed to traffic that week between North Eighth Street and Locust Street.


Posted 10/13/2020




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