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NIPSCO to remove up to 17 public trees along Fifth Street

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The Northern Indiana Public Service Company will be removing up to 17 street trees along the west side of Fifth Street--between Park Ave. and 1100N--as part of upgrade of the line in that area to three-phase power.

So Chesterton Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg reported to the Town Council at its meeting Monday night.

It promises, on the whole, to be a tricky project, Schnadenberg said, inasmuch as all of the utility poles must be replaced without interrupting electric service. And, he noted, without hindering the high volumes of traffic along Fifth Street early in the morning and in the afternoon, as kids converge on and are excused from Bailly Elementary and Westchester Intermediate.

Of the 17 trees in question, Schnadenberg said that many are in rough shape, some in active decay, and all to one degree or another a hazard to the power line. “It’s a main north/south line and when those trees come in contact with the line, outages result.”

NIPSCO has committed to replacing all trees removed, Schnadenberg added, with species which are less likely to grow into the line.

Schnadenberg said that he expects some blowback from neighbors. “Typically this isn’t real popular. But most of the 17 trees are not in great shape.”

And the Street Department will negotiate with NIPSCO about replacing each one, Schnadenberg emphasized.

Some trees on private property may also need to be removed but “NIPSCO will deal with those residents individually on a case-to-case basis,” he said. “Although most of those trees will likely just be pruned.”

It’s not clear when the project will begin, Schnadenberg said, but NIPSCO will be notifying residents in the neighborhood. Folks can also call the Street Department at 926-2222 for more information.

A NIPSCO representative will be in attendance at the council’s Oct. 28 meeting to explain the project in more detail.

Ind. 49 Utility Corridor

In other NIPSCO-related news, Town Engineer Mark O’Dell reported that NIPSCO has at last completed connecting electric and natural-gas services to the new lift station south of the Indiana Toll Road, which will serve the so-called utility corridor.

That lift station will be started up “relatively soon,” O’Dell said.

Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Troop 929 led attendees at the start of Monday’s meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Posted 10/15/2013