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New homeowners should get 2nd water meter to keep summer sewer bill low

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As he does every year about this time, Chesterton Utility Service Board Member Scot McCord is urging new homeowners in town to consider strongly the wisdom of arranging with Indiana-American Water Company for the installation of a second water meter for dedicated outside summer use.

McCord noted at Monday’s meeting that homeowners with a billing history get a break during the heavy water usage period between mid-June and mid-August: namely, they pay the lower of two amounts, the actual bill for that period, or the same amount previously paid for the mid-December through mid-February cycle.

New homeowners, however—with no previous billing history—will pay a sanitary sewer service bill based on actual water usage between mid-June and mid-August, which will likely be higher due to lawn-watering and swimming pool-filling.

Unless, that is, those new homeowners arrange with the water company to install a second water meter strictly for outside usage.

McCord urged those folks to talk to Indiana-American now.


Posted 3/20/3012